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Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea Recipes

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Well-made, naturally caffeine-free herbal infusions soothe the body, mind and soul. Learn to make your own at home with these easy recipes.

Herbal Infusion Recipes
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How to Make Green Tea

Many people think they don't like green tea... but in fact, they've just been brewing it wrong for years! Ue these simple green tea brewing tips to turn your cups green tea from grassy, bitter swill into a drink you look forward to!

Berry Meringue Tart Recipe

Got berries? Love coffee and tea? This meringue berry tart is for you! Try it with one of the recommended coffee and tea pairings at the end of the recipe.

The Ultimate Chocolate Milkshakes Guide

Love chocolate milkshakes? Here's over 100 secret ingredients and recipe hacks for making mind-blowing chocolate milkshakes. You're welcome.

How to Make a Quasi-Healthy Milkshake

With ingredients like cacao nibs, homemade coconut milk and superfruits, it's easy to love a healthy milkshake. Essentially, it's the best of a milkshake and a smoothie all in one glass.

Green Tea Conditioner Recipe

Green tea is good for your body, yes, but did you know that it's also good for your hair? You can make your own awesome green tea conditioner with this quick, easy recipe. Your hair will thank you for it!

10 Great DIY Mint Tea Blends

These 10 mint tea recipes are for DIY blends. You can use dried mint leaves to make them in under five minutes each, and have them ready to enjoy all year long.

Drying Herbs for Herbal Infusions

Have herbs growing in your garden or yard? You have an opportunity to make amazing herbal teas all year. Simply pick ones that are suitable for drying, and then dry them well. Here's how.

Which Herbs Should I Dry for Herbal Teas?

Are there plants near where you live? You can probably make amazing herbal infusions out of at least some of them. From anise to yarrow, here are some of the best herbs to dry and to use for herbal teas all year round.

Loose-Leaf Tea Defined

What ARE loose-leaf teas, anyway? How are loose-leaf teas different from teabags? And how do they relate to full-leaf teas and whole-leaf teas? Find out on About Coffee / Tea!

Top 10 Flavored Teas

Learn about the most popular types of flavored teas out there, including Earl Grey Tea, Jasmine-Flavored Teas, Lemon Tea and more. Plus, compare prices on flavored teas.

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