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Best Teas for Newbies

An image of Fujian Jasmine Pearl from dagio's Maestro Collection.

New to tea? Try these easy to brew, easy to enjoy teas first.

More of the Best Teas Out There
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Tea Bags: Origins, Quality, Materials & More

Monday March 31, 2014
An image of a box of Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice teabags.

Tea bags are an incredibly popular medium for tea brewing. They are used by as many as 98 percent of Americans and 96 percent of Brits! And yet many know little to nothing about the origins of these ubiquitous tea sachets, the concerns about quality that arise with the steam of a steeping bag, or the materials that go into making their (possibly highly processed) tea bags. Learn all this and more with this article on tea bags. Enjoy!

Photo (c) Lindsey Goodwin

Can Hot Drinks Cool You Down?

Sunday March 30, 2014
An image of Rose Iced Tea.

There's a long-held debate in the beverage world over whether or not hot drinks can cool you down. I can see why people would argue over it. For those who love hot coffee, hot tea and other hot drinks, the idea can be intriguing. But the very idea seems so contrary to common sense.

Find out the science behind the rumors with this myth-busting article on whether or not hot drinks cool you down. Enjoy!

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Wet vs. Dry Cappuccino

Saturday March 29, 2014
An image of a Cappuccino in a clear glass mug.

Two of the most commonly used terms in coffee jargon are "wet" and "dry"... and these are especially common when used to describe a cappuccino. Find out the difference between a wet and a dry cappuccino, plus check out more coffee ordering terms and espresso terms on About Coffee / Tea.

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What's Your Favorite Starbucks Drink?

Saturday March 29, 2014
A while back, a reader asked about the best Starbucks drink. I answered with what's popular, but that's not really a complete answer, now is it? So I'm asking your for help...

Do you love a particular coffee roast or seasonal drink at Starbucks? Or perhaps you've figured out a menu hack for the best flavored, low-calorie or low-fat drink Starbucks can possibly make? Share your favorite Starbucks drink (on or off the Starbucks menu) with other readers!

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