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Caffeine Levels in Coffee & Tea

By November 12, 2012

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Caffeine is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in coffee, tea, yerba mate, chocolate and various other substances. Although it is natural and it is considered to me healthy in moderate amounts, it is a stimulant and is classified as a drug.

Many people suffer from symptoms of excess caffeine consumption or caffeine withdrawal. Knowing how much caffeine you are consuming can be a useful way to reduce or eliminate these symptoms, but many people find determining how much caffeine they are taking in to be a daunting task (especially given that even decaf coffee and tea contain caffeine!).

To make the job of figuring out how much caffeine you're consuming a little easier, I've created a list of caffeine levels in coffee and tea, as well as some caffeine levels for other substances (such as chocolates and colas). Using it as a guide, you can approximate how much caffeine you are consuming and tweak your consumption to eliminate symptoms of excess caffeine intake, stop caffeine withdrawal or reduce your caffeine intake.

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