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The Ibrik

The ibrik is the long-handled coffee pot from Turkey


Turkish Ibrik

Turkish Ibrik

One of the most exotic and luxurious forms of brewed coffee is Turkish coffee, which is traditionally brewed in a long-handled pot called in ibrik. These pots are also called cezves, but that is a more Arabic term for it. In Turkey, they are called ibriks.

Though the ibrik was designed for and originally used to brew coffee on the hot desert sands, most coffee brewers today make do with a stove burner. The pot of the ibrik is fairly small (though they do come in a multitude of sizes depending on how many people you want to serve), and the top of the pot is narrower than the bottom. This is actually quite important for proper brewing of Turkish coffee.

How to brew with an ibrik:

  • Add water to your ibrik until around 2/3 full.
  • Add sugar, if you want sweetened coffee.
  • Add a spoonful of ground coffee. Of course this depends on the size of your ibrik and how much coffee you are making.
  • The coffee forms a cap over the water, and as you heat the ibrik, the boiling water will bubble up through the coffee grounds. This is where the shape of the ibrik is important.
  • When the water foams up, remove from heat. After it has settled, bring back to the heat source. Once your coffee has foamed up 3 times, then it is done.
  • Stir and serve in demi-tasse or espresso cups. Let the grounds settle before drinking.
Coffee ground for use in an ibrik must be ground very finely, almost powdery. Your average grinder may or may not be able to get your coffee fine enough. Coffee grounds that are too coarse will not seal the water properly during boiling. You may need to get your beans ground at a local coffee house.

Ibriks are usually made from brass or hammered copper. More modern versions can sometimes be found, made from stainless steel.

Photos supplied by Natasha's Cafe: brass ibrik, antique ibrik

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