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The Versatile Plunger Pot
A handy little pot that can be used for making tea or coffee
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Plungers pots (also called french presses) are typically used for making coffee. But I've found I use my plunger pot for tea more often, when I make tea with loose leaves that is. If you're not familiar with using a plunger pot, now's the time to learn.

The plunger pot is just a carafe or pitcher, with a manual piston-like assembly inside. The bottom part of the 'plunger' is a fine mesh, either metal or plastic. You remove the whole thing, and put your ground coffee in the bottom of the pot. Pour in hot water, and put the lid and plunger back on. Let it sit and brew for a few minutes. Then you just push down on the plunger. The mesh filters out the grounds and holds them down at the bottom of the pot. You leave the plunger in place, and just pour out your coffee. Pretty simple.

You can do the same thing with any loose tea. No need to fill those little tea-balls. I have found one thing to watch for when using a french press for tea, don't leave the excess in the pot. Most pots are large enough for at least 2 cups at a time. If you pour your first cup, then go back later for the second, the tea leaves have been still steeping during that time. Your tea will likely be too strong or bitter.

French presses are excellent for the times you can't be have a full-featured drip machine with you. As long as you can heat your water, you can have freshly brewed coffee (or tea).

Our plunger pot is from Porter Products. It's big and sturdy, and the filter is fine enough that no grounds or leaves end up in my cup (review)

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