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Recipes for a Complete Afternoon Tea Menu - Coffee/Tea - About.com
Regardless of what you prefer to call this afternoon meal of tea and snacks, I think you'll find that these scone recipes, finger sandwich recipes and tea pairings ...
Best Afternoon Teas (Top Ten Picks) - Coffee/Tea - About.com
The natural sweetness of Earl Grey lends itself to pairing with many afternoon tea sweets, like scones, Madeline cakes, shortbread cookies and lavender cookies ...
Recipes for Coffee, Tea & Other Hot Drinks - About.com
Use this coffee and tea recipe collection to spice up your caffeine routine, or check out recipes for herbal ... Afternoon Tea Recipes & Other Tea Pairing Recipes.
Food Recipes / Drink Pairings - Coffee/Tea - About.com
In this guide to coffee and tea pairings and food recipes, you'll find advice on ... Also known as "afternoon tea," high tea parties are a great time to try recipes for ...
Tea Party Menu Planning Tips and Ideas - Coffee/Tea - About.com
Learn to plan a tea party menu and find afternoon tea recipes with this guide to tea party menus. It includes tips for selecting the best teas for afternoon tea, ideas  ...
Hot Drink Pairings - Coffee / Tea Pairings - About.com
Learn to pair coffee with breakfast foods, tea with afternoon tea foods, hot chocolates with snacks, and more, with these articles on hot drink pairings.
Tea & Breakfast Pairings - Coffee/Tea - About.com
Breakfast (or brunch) and tea are a natural match. From classics like toast with English Breakfast to decadently complex pairings like pumpkin bread with Masala ...
Fresh Fruit With Tea Pairing - Coffee/Tea - About.com
Nilgiri black tea (iced or hot), or a lightly brewed Assam, Ceylon or "breakfast blend" (like English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast) can also work. Just be sure not to  ...
Afternoon Tea Sandwiches - Finger Sandwich Recipes - Coffee/Tea
Learn to make finger sandwiches for afternoon tea (a.k.a. 'high tea' or 'low tea') with ... Coffee & Tea Drink, Equipment & Media Reviews · Drink Pairings & Food ...
Toast With Tea Pairing - Coffee/Tea - About.com
Try pairing toast with jam with the following teas: Earl Grey with citrus jams or marmalade; Breakfast Blends, such as English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast, with ...
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