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Camping Recipes - Preparation - Campfire
A list of camping recipes prepared over a campfire.
How to Make a Spit for Campfire Cooking - About.com Survival
A spit can be any type of slender rod held over a fire for cooking meat. The rotisserie method of roasting relies on a spit to keep the meat suspended over the  ...
Camping Recipe - Campfire Chicken
A camping recipe from Bob. I tried this by accident one night during a Scout campout, and everyone loved it.
Camping Recipe - Campfire Fajitas
A camping recipe from Chris. The smoke from the campfire along with the liquid smoke make for a very unique (and quite delicious) combo.
Camping Recipe - Campfire Hobo Stew
A camping recipe from S.A. Lee. This is an easy, economical and healthy recipe. We usually set up the ingredients buffet style and then form an assembly line.
Camping Recipe - Campfire Eggs
A camping recipe from Julie. Our family doesn't think a camping trip is complete without at least one breakfast of campfire eggs, even the kids who don't eat eggs  ...
Camping Recipe - Campfire Comfort Chicken
... from Patty. This recipe will make anyone enjoy the comfort of a warm fire. ... When done, unfold aluminum foil and enjoy the chicken at the campfire. Servings : ...
Smores Recipe - How to Make Campfire Smores Video
If you're camping, and you've got a fire going – make sure you bring the fixin's and take a look at these tips for the best ever, universally loved, camping munchy .
Camping Recipe - Campfire Éclairs
A camping recipe from Teresa. This is a fun, easy, and somewhat messy recipe to do over the campfire. You can do different variations of pudding flavors and ...
Camping Recipe - Campfire Corn on the Cob
Campfire Corn on the Cob - a camping recipe from D Wilgus. My kids love this recipe when we go camping. It is so easy and the corn will be really tender.
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