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Flaming Spanish Coffee Recipe - Coffee/Tea - About.com
Flaming Spanish Coffee is a dramatic coffee cocktail. Its preparation involves fire, sparks and "oooh"s from those watching. This Spanish Coffee tutorial includes ...
Flaming Spanish Coffee Recipe - Coffee/Tea - About.com
One of the benefits to Flaming Spanish Coffee is the caramelized sugar formed while the high-proof rum is burning.
How to Put Out the Fire in Your Spanish Coffee Cocktail - Coffee/Tea
Flaming Spanish Coffee Recipe. By Lindsey Goodwin ... in Your Spanish Coffee Cocktail. An image of an Amaretto Coffee Cocktail with a caramelized sugar rim.
How to Light Flaming Spanish Coffee Cocktails on Fire - Coffee/Tea
Before you light your Spanish Coffee Cocktail on fire, be sure you have ... Flaming Spanish Coffee Recipe ... Move your brewed coffee to a spot near the glass.
Lighting Spanish Coffee Cocktails on Fire - Coffee/Tea - About.com
The fire is the trickiest part of the Flaming Spanish Coffee recipe. Take a deep breath, keep your cool and follow these easy instructions.
Spanish Coffee With Honey (Cafe con Miel) Recipe - Coffee/Tea
In Spain, Cafe con Miel is often served after dinner. This easy recipe for Cafe con Miel (Spanish for "coffee with honey") makes a wonderful, light dessert or ...
Flaming Spanish Coffee Recipe - Coffee/Tea - About.com
The Flaming Spanish Coffee Cocktail is a joy to make and to see. It's a dramatic showcase of basic bar skills and a wonderfully warming, bold drink for chilly ...
Cafe Canario or Cafe Bombon Recipe - Spanish Food - About.com
This dessert recipe goes by different name - Cafe Canario or Cafe Bombon. ... King Philip V, a Spanish king is believed to have brought coffee to Spain around  ...
Hot Coffee Recipes - Coffee/Tea - About.com
This coffee recipe collection includes old favorites, vegan versions of classic ... recipes (Hot Buttered Coffee, Irish Coffee, Jamaican Coffee, Spanish Coffee, etc.)  ...
Alcoholic Coffee Recipes - How to Make Coffee Cocktails - Coffee/Tea
Learn to make a range of coffee cocktails and other alcoholic coffee drinks, including Irish coffee, espresso martinis, coffee liqueurs and more.
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