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Yerba Mate - Coffee / Tea - About.com
Yerba Mate is a popular herbal tea drink found in many South American countries.
Yerba Mate Definition - What is Yerba Mate - Coffee / Tea - About.com
Definition: Yerba Mate is a popular South American herb that is brewed into a high-caffeine infusion. It is harvested from the leaves and stems of a particular type ...
Yerba Mate Herb - Reviews and Brewing Guide - Coffee / Tea
Yerba mate is a popular South American herb that is brewed into a high-caffeine infusion. Learn the basics of this popular coffeehouse drink, and then check out ...
What You Need to Know About Yerba Mate - Alternative Medicine
May 15, 2014 ... Yerba mate (Ilex paraguayenis) is a tree native to the rainforests of South America. A member of the holly family, the tree produces leaves and ...
Yerba Mate Tea - Background and Preparation - South America
One of South America's most favorite beverages, yerba mate is an herbal tea with medicinal properties affecting overall health, vigor and endurance. Sharing a ...
Yerba Mate Latte Recipe - Videos - About.com
Yerba Mate is a traditional South American beverage that is quickly gaining popularity around the world. Try this highly caffeinated, highly nutritious drink for  ...
How to Make a Cold Brewed Yerba Mate Infusion - Coffee / Tea
This easy recipe for cold-brewed mate brews in the fridge overnight. It can be drunk straight, mixed with honey, or made into a yerba mate smoothie in the ...
Yerba Mate Latte Recipe - Coffee / Tea - About.com
This yerba mate latte recipe uses whole milk and sugar for a rich texture and full flavor. It can also be made with a milk alternative (such as soymilk or coconut ...
Yerba Mate Recipes - How to Brew Yerba Mate - Coffee / Tea
Yerba mate (a.k.a. "mate") is a versatile, high-caffeine herb from South America. It can be used for lattes, tropical smoothies, spiced "teas" and much, much more.
How to Brew Yerba Mate in a French Press - Coffee / Tea - About.com
Just like coffee and tea, yerba mate's flavor profile changes depending on how you brew it. Some prefer cold-brewed yerba mate, and some like the ...
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