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About Hiking: Advice, Gear and Tips
From how to dress for hiking and what to carry, to where and when to go, we cover everything you need to know about going out for a hike.
Top 10 Hiking Trails Near Pittsburgh - About.com
... trails covering a variety of terrain. Grab your hiking boots and head to one of these beautiful hiking trails near Pittsburgh and around Western Pennsylvania.
Hiking for Beginners - Walking - About.com
Updated June 03, 2014. When hiking vs. walking the first thing to realize is that you will be slower. A natural trail requires more care in where you step - you will ...
Hiking Basics for Beginners - Categories and Links - About.com
New to hiking? No problem -- we'll cover everything you need to know right here, from getting the right hiking gear to planning and pulling off your first outdoor ...
Hit the Trail - Hiking is Walking Off-Road - About.com
Jun 3, 2014 ... Hiking off-road walking on natural trails. How to enjoy hiking and National Trails Day events.
How to Start Hiking - About.com
Hit the trail with these tips on how to start hiking. You'll find advice about hiking equipment and clothing, where to find trails, and how to build up your skills.
10 Tips for Responsible Hiking - About.com
Learn how to be a low-impact hiker with these 10 tips for hiking responsibly. Simple steps will reduce your impacts and help protect the environment and the trail ...
Essential Hiking Gear Every Beginner Needs - About.com
Even barefoot hikers don't really go hiking barefoot -- they wear wacky toe shoes like Vibram Five Fingers. (Actually, I don't think they're all that wacky -- I like ...
Hiking Gear Guide - About.com
The proper boots, socks, clothing, outerwear, and hiking gear can make the difference between a comfortable outing or a miserable slog. This hiking gear guide ...
How to Get More Out of Your Hiking Poles - About.com
Wondering if hiking poles are worth the effort? Here's how to decide, along with examples of when they're most likely to come in handy.
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