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Utensils Used in Japanese Tea Ceremony - Coffee/Tea - About.com
Japanese tea ceremony is a beautiful and intricate ritual that goes far beyond the simple drinking of tea. It can take hours to complete. Much of the detail comes ...
Sencha Japanese Tea Definition and Recipes
Traditionally speaking, Sencha is a green tea from Japan. It is made from leaves of Japanese tea bush varietals such as Yabukita (North of the Bamboo Forest).
Japanese Green Teas - Genmaimatcha Japanese ... - Coffee/Tea
Genmaicha is a blend of sencha Japanese green tea and toasted brown rice. Learn more about Genmaicha green tea and see a photo of Genmaimatcha.
Japanese Tea Pronunciation - Japanese Language - About.com
Japanese tea is getting popular these days. This page helps you to learn how to pronounce various Japanese teas.
Japanese Tea - Japanese Food - About.com
Japanese tea usually indicates green tea. Fresh green tea leaves are steamed, dried, rolled, and blended. There are many kinds of green tea: gyokuro, sencha, ...
How to write tea in Japanese - tea in Japanese kanji
Kanji Land Lessons - Learn kanji character for tea (cha)
The Japanese Tea Gardens - San Francisco Travel by About.com
The oldest public Japanese Tea Garden in the United States and one of the top attractions in verdant Golden Gate Park, the San Francisco Japanese Tea ...
Chado: Zen and the Art of The Tea Ceremony - Buddhism - About.com
Beginning about the 9th century, Japanese Buddhist monks who traveled to China to study returned with tea. In the 12th century, Eisai (1141-1215), the first Zen ...
Matcha Japanese Green Tea - Coffee/Tea - About.com
An ancient form of tea, Matcha has long been associated with Buddhist practice and is the tea served in the Japanese tea ceremony. The best Matchas are ...
Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea - Coffee/Tea - About.com
Unlike sencha green teas, gyokuros are grown under straw mats for two to three weeks before harvest. Learn more about Gyokuro green tea and see a photo of ...
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