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Collection of Best Chai Tea / Masala Chai Recipes - Coffee/Tea
Also known as "chai tea," masala chai is a blend of spices, tea, sugar and milk from India. Popular chai spices include cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and  ...
Masala Chai 101 - "Chai Tea" Recipes, Reviews & More - Coffee/Tea
Masala Chai 101 features masala chai basics, recipes, product reviews and more . Check out instant chais, teabag and loose-leaf masala chais, traditional ...
Milk Tea Recipes - Matcha Lattes, Masala Chai & More - Coffee/Tea
British Milk Tea, Matcha Lattes, Indian Masala Chai & More ... This collection of chai recipes is a cross-section of the world of masala chai featuring some of the ...
Masala Chai - Spiced Tea - Indian Food - About.com
Masala Chai (spiced tea). By Petrina Verma ... 13 Authentic Indian Curry Recipes · Getting started ... 10 Mouthwatering North Indian Recipes to Try · Regional ...
How to Make Masala Chai (Chai Tea) - With Photos - Coffee/Tea
... rewarding. This recipe is a bare bones, basic version of masala chai. ... How to Make Masala Chai (a.k.a. "Chai Tea"). By Lindsey ... 5 Polish Paczki Recipes.
Masala Chai Spices - Chai Tea Spices - Coffee/Tea - About.com
In some recipes, green cardamom may be called “elaichi" or "elchi,” which is its Southern Indian name. Cloves – Intensely spicy cloves give masala chai an ...
Masala Chai Spices Simple Syrup Recipe - Coffee/Tea - About.com
An image of Chai Simple Syrup and masala chai spices. ... Chai spices give this simple syrup its rich, warming flavor. Lindsey ... 5 Polish Paczki Recipes.
Masala Chai Definition - What is Masala Chai / Chai Tea? - Coffee/Tea
Traditional masala chai is a blend of milk, sugar, spices and black tea. ... Masala Chai 101 · 16 Favorite Masala Chai Recipes: From Smoothies to Cocktails · The ...
The History of Masala Chai (a.k.a. "Chai Tea")
The black teas produced there made their way into local masala chai recipes. This is the first appearance of masala chai as we know it, complete with spices, ...
How to Make Dirty Chai Lattes - Recipes - Coffee/Tea - About.com
You can make Dirty Chai Lattes using the Masala Chai recipes below. Simply add a shot of espresso using the instructions below and this espresso pulling ...
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