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Milkshake Recipes - The Best Milkshake Recipes on About.com
From thick to thin, indulgent to (relatively) healthy and classic to modern, these are the best milkshake recipes on About.com. My personal favorites are the ...
Chai Milkshake Recipe - How to Make a Low Fat Breakfast Shake ...
This low-fat Chai Milkshake recipe is easy to make, thanks to instant chai concentrate and low-fat frozen yogurt. It's great as a breakfast shake or an ...
Raspberry Mocha Milkshake Recipe - Coffee/Tea - About.com
This easy Raspberry Mocha Milkshake recipe combines frozen raspberries, instant coffee, chocolate chips and vanilla ice cream into one delicious milkshake .
Milkshake Recipes - Cooking for Kids - About.com
Why go out to an ice cream parlor for milkshakes when you can make your own milkshakes at home with these easy recipes. I'll show you the basic milkshake ...
Oreo Milkshake Recipe - Cooking for Kids - About.com
This oreo milkshake recipe is made with vanilla ice cream, oreo cookies, milk and chocolate sauce. Garnish with crushed oreo cookies.
How to Make a Milkshake - Culinary Arts - About.com
Making a rich, thick milkshake is easier than you think. You mostly just need to know the right ratio of ice cream to milk.
How to Make a Milkshake - Cooking for Kids - About.com
Once you learn how to make a milkshake, you can vary this basic recipe lots of different ways to suit your tastes, just by adding different syrups, fruits or other ...
How to Make a Strawberry Milkshake - Cooking for Kids - About.com
If necessary, add a few ice cubes to make the milkshake frothy. Serve immediately. Don't Miss: Homemade Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe ...
Quick and Easy Cookie Milkshake Recipe
This cookie milkshake can be made with leftover Girl Scout cookies, or any other type of cookie you like.
Moroccan Apple and Banana Milkshake Recipe - Moroccan Food
Fruit milkshakes are very popular in Morocco. Try this quick and easy apple and banana shake recipe for a light and nutritious snack.
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