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New Orleans (Cafe Noir) Coffee Recipe - Coffee/Tea - About.com
New Orleans coffee (a.k.a. “Cafe Noir”) has a distinctive chocolate-caramel flavor, intensely dark color, thick consistency and lower-than-usual caffeine content ...
New Orleans Ramos Fizz Cocktail Recipe - Cocktails - About.com
Cocktail recipe for a New Orleans or Ramos Fizz, an original New Orleans drink with gin, cream, lemon and lime juice and orange flower water.
New Orleans Southern Style Pralines Recipe - Candy - About.com
This praline recipe produces sweet, slightly crumbly brown sugar candies loaded ... New Orleans Pralines - (c) 2008 Elizabeth LaBau, licensed to About.com.
New Orleans Sour Cream Pecan Pie Recipe - Southern Food
A pecan pie made with egg yolks, sour cream, and cornstarch.
Absolut New Orleans Big Breezy Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Big Breezy, a martini featuring Absolut New Orleans vodka mixed with watermelon, simple syrup, lemon juice and black pepper.
Cajun Perch Po Boys Recipe -- How to Make New Orleans Fish Po ...
The 'Po-Boy' sandwich is a New Orleans favorite. This version features crunchy fried fish, zesty Cajun mayo, ripe tomatoes, and a sweetly spicy pepper slaw ...
New Orleans Milk Punch Recipe - Local Foods - About.com
This New Orleans Milk Punch is a drink in the tradition of Bloody Marys: designed for drinking the morning after, to ease the pain. If you're enjoying it in the ...
Creole Jambalaya Recipe From New Orleans - American Food
Straight from New Orleans' famous French Quarter, this Creole favorite is simple to make, re-heats beautifully and is great for entertaining.
Top New Orleans King Cake Recipes for Mardi Gras - Southern Food
King cake recipes - New Orleans King Cake, the history, some recipes, and links. Louisiana King Cake Recipes and Links.
Absolut New Orleans Jazz Collins Cocktail Recipe - Cocktails
Cocktail recipe for a Jazz Collins, a drink featuring Absolut New Orleans mixed with sour mix and club soda.
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