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Tea Drink Variations - Coffee/Tea - About.com
There are many variations on regular hot tea. These are a few of the most popular twists on tea out there, including iced teas, tea cocktails and more.
Recipes for Coffee, Tea & Other Hot Drinks - About.com
Once you have the preparation basics for coffee and tea down, you're ready to explore more coffee, tea and hot drink recipes. Use this coffee and tea recipe ...
International Tea Drinks - Types of Tea Recipes Around the World
Cha Manao. Kashmiri Chai. Tibetan Yak Butter Pu-erh. There are all kinds of traditional tea drinks from around the world. Learn about the types of tea-based ...
Hot Tea and Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe Collection
Mixing tea into cocktails is very common and it can be used in both hot and cold drinks. Browse this collection of great tea mixed drinks.
How to Make Alcoholic Iced Tea Drinks - Recipe List - Coffee/Tea
Learn to make iced tea cocktails with this collection of iced tea cocktail recipes, including a green tea martini video recipe, iced black tea cocktail recipes and ...
Alcoholic Tea Recipes - Tea Vodkas, Tea Cocktails & More
Learn to make tea-infused vodkas, green tea punch, tea martinis and other alcoholic tea drinks with this recipe collection.
Hot Tea Recipes - How to Make Tea Drinks - Coffee/Tea - About.com
You'll find many recipes for black teas, masala chai teas, green teas, chamomile, ginger teas, mint ... 10 Great Food and Drink Recipes to Make with Green Tea.
Royal-Tea Gin Cocktail Recipe - Cocktails - About.com
Cocktail recipe for a Royal-Tea, a Beefeater Gin and Earl Gray Tea cocktail ... a great addition to your Oscar viewing party and is an easy chilled tea drink with an  ...
Popular Long Island Iced Tea Mixed Drink Recipe - Cocktails
This is a popular mixed drink that should be in everyone's drink repertoire. An easy way to remember how to make a Long Island Iced Tea is to think of a small ...
Hot Toddy Whiskey or Brandy Cocktail Recipe - Cocktails - About.com
The Hot Toddy is a popular warm drink and the recipe is very easy to follow: your choice of brandy, rum, or whiskey with hot tea, lemon, and honey.
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