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Alcoholic Tea Recipes

Learn to make tea-infused vodkas, green tea punch, tea martinis and other alcoholic tea drinks with this recipe collection.
  1. Coffee Cocktail Recipes

Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes
Learn to make iced tea cocktails (including champagne tea cocktails, tea-infused vodka cocktails, green tea martinis and more) with this collection of iced tea cocktail recipes.

Absolut Boston Tea Cocktail
This tea cocktail is made with Absolut Boston, a vodka infused with black tea and elderflower.

Apple-Chai Martini Recipe
This organic Apple-Chai Martini recipe won the Monthly Tea Recipe Contest on About.com. It uses rooibos chai, muddled Gala apple and organic vodka for a warming holiday flavor.

Bee Tea Cocktail Recipe
Tastes like sweet tea. Gets you drunk like Bärenjäger.

Black Tea Vodka Recipe
Did you know? You can infuse black tea vodka at home for your own tea cocktails.

Chai Coffee Cocktail Recipe
This Chai Coffee Cocktail recipe is a variation on coffee with Bailey’s Irish cream. It combines hot coffee with creamy, spicy Voyant Chai Liqueur.

Chai-Coffee Cocktail Recipe
This Chai-Coffee Cocktail recipe is made with loose-leaf chai that has been brewed as a concentrate.

Chamomile Infused Vodka Recipe
Soft, soothing, apple-sweet chamomile is enlivened with vodka in this easy-to-make "tea" spirit. Try this naturally flavored chamomile vodka straight, or mix it with citrus juice for a one-of-a-kind cocktail.

Christmas Eve Punch Recipe
This unusual holiday punch recipe that originated in Germany, where it is called Grossmutter's Punsch (Grandmother's Punch). It is made with freshly brewed tea, preferably Earl Grey.

Dutch Green Tea Cocktail Recipe
Green tea meets herbaceous, floral and citrusy flavors in this tea cocktail.

Ginger Tea Cocktail Recipe
This cognac cocktail includes fresh brewed green tea and fresh ginger root.

Green Tea Sake Punch Recipe
Cold Japanese sake and iced green tea are the base of this unusual green tea sake punch recipe.

Green Tea Vodka Recipe
This green tea vodka recipe can be used to make sipping vodka, green tea liqueurs, green tea martinis and other green tea cocktails. It's incredibly easy to make -- simply infuse green tealeaves in vodka and add simple syrup to taste.

Hot Toddy Recipe
Learn to make soothing hot toddies for winter colds and coughs with this hot toddy recipe, which combines black tea, lemon juice, spices, honey and your choice of rum, whiskey or brandy.

Hot Toddy Tea Cocktail Recipe
This classic Hot Toddy recipe can be made with any type of tea, but I recommend a strong black tea for the best flavor.

How to Make a Green Tea Martini (Video)
In this About.com video, Brian Nishii from Forbidden City in New York City explains how to make a green tea martini with Japanese shochu, green tea and honey.

How to Make Hot Toddies (Video)
In this About.com video, Jenna Blackwell explains how to make a hot toddy with your tea of choice.

How to Make Long Island Iced Tea (Video)
Long Island Iced Tea isn't actually made with tea, but it is often considered to be a tea cocktail due to its misleading name and iced-tea-like flavor. In this About.com video, Jonathon Stewart explains how to make this powerful summer cocktail.

How to Make Spiked Green Tea Lattes
This blended green tea latte makes a cooling alcoholic drink when it's spiked with rum.

Irish Tea Party Cocktail Recipe
Green tea meets absinthe. The result? A VERY green tea cocktail.

Jalisco High Tea Cocktail Recipe
The Jalisco High Tea Cocktail is made with lemon verbena, an herbal infusion with a mellow, lemony flavor.

Jasmine Tea & Brandied Fruit Sangria Recipe
Tea chef Cynthia Gold's versatile and easy Jasmine Tea & Brandied Fruit Sangria recipe can be made with oranges, apples, pears, plums, peaches and other fruits.

Masala Chai Vodka Recipe
This spicy, strong, masala chai vodka makes an exceptional base for creamy cocktails. It's also delicious on its own or with a bit of simple syrup.

Natural Chai Tea Martini Recipe
Flavors of masala chai and vanilla make this martini a great pick for fans of spiced, sweet cocktails.

Oolong Tea Vodka Recipe
Oolong tea lends a complex and sophisticated flavor profile to vodka in the oolong tea vodka recipe. Serve this oolong tea-infused vodka straight, mix it with simple syrup for a tea liqueur, or use it as a base for more complex tea cocktails.

Rooibos / Honeybush Infused Vodka Recipe
Sweet, woody rooibos blends beautifully with spices, citrus, berries, chocolate and cream. Likewise, this rooibos-infused vodka recipe make a great base for a range of cocktails!

Royal Tea Cocktail Recipe
This tea cocktail recipe is made with Earl Grey and gin for a decidedly British colonialist flavor.

Sweet Tea Martini Recipe
This "Tea Tini" uses sweet iced tea and lemon juice for a Southern sweet tea flavor.

Tea Cocktails & Mixed Drinks
This recipe collection from the About.com Cocktails guide includes tea-infused spirits, hot tea cocktail recipes and iced tea cocktail recipes.

Tea Vodka & Tea Infused Spirits
A listing of tea-infused spirits, including commercially available sweet tea vodkas and green tea vodkas, and recipes for green tea vodka, black tea vodka, sweet tea vodka, chai vodka and more.

"The Model Tea" Cocktail Recipe
"The Model Tea" from The Manor Casual Bistro was the winning iced tea cocktail recipe in the June, 2011 tea recipe contest on About.com. It's an innovative and delicious iced tea cocktail made with Amaro Averna and Donnafugata Ben Rye Zibibbo Dessert Wine.

Urbàna Nirvana Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe
Urbàna Tea's Urbàna Nirvana Iced Tea Cocktail is a sparkling tea cocktail made with a blend of white tea, green tea and dried fruit, plus Chambord and sparkling wine / champagne.

Krambambuli / Danzig Punsch Recipe
Also known as Danzig Punsch, Krambambuli is a wintery, hot cocktail made from an unlikely mix of white wine, rum, spices, chamomile 'tea' and dried fruit.

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