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Coffee Additives

Coffee is frequently mixed with ingredients like milk, sugar, flavored syrups and chicory. Learn more about coffee additives with this collection of articles and recipes.

Artificial Sweeteners
Some people prefer to add artificial sweeteners to their coffee. Find out about popular types of artificial sweeteners for coffee, including Splenda, Sweet'n Low and Equal, with this guide to artificial sweeteners.

Cafe con Miel Recipe
Cafe con Miel is a popular type of coffee with honey. Learn to make Cafe con Miel with this easy recipe.

Best known as a substitute for coffee, chicory is also a central ingredient in 'chicory coffee' recipes, like New Orleans Coffee. Learn what chicory is, find chicory recipes, and more with this guide to chicory.

Coffee/Tea Sweeteners
The most common coffee and tea additives are dairy and sweeteners. For a sweeter cuppa, most people simply add sugar, but there are lots of ways to sweeten coffee and tea, such as honey, agave nectar, molasses, simple syrup and artificial sweeteners.

Dairy & Dairy Alternatives for Coffee/Tea
Many people add cream, milk or non-dairy creamer to their coffee. However, there are a number of other dairy products and dairy alternatives you can use in your coffee for a different flavor or different nutritional profile. Learn more about dairy and dairy alternatives for coffee (and tea) with this guide.

Honey for Coffee / Tea
Honey is a natural sweetener used in many coffee drinks (including Cafe con Miel). Learn more about types of honey and how to use honey in coffee (or tea) with this article.

How to Sweeten Iced Drinks
If you like iced coffee, you've probably experienced the difficulty of stirring sugar into a cold drink before. This guide to sweetening iced coffee and other iced drinks provides a wide variety of options for sweeteners that don't require stirring for ages or slurping down granulated sugar.

Stevia is a popular, natural, low-calorie sweetener for coffee.

Top Flavored Syrups for Coffee
If you're new to coffee and espresso drinks, you're likely to prefer flavored syrups in your coffee. Learn about the top flavored syrups for coffee and espresso with this guide.

Top Spirits for Coffee
Many types of liqueur and liquor are delicious in coffee. Check out these top picks from former Coffee / Tea guide Sean Paajanen.

Honey Types, Processing & Recipes
Honey is one of the most popular sweeteners in iced coffee and hot coffee. Learn about types of honey, how to use honey in coffee and more with this guide to honey.

What is Coffee Cream?
The term "coffee cream" is commonly used to refer to two different ingredients added to many coffee drinks.

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