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What is Creamer?


An image of Gevalia Creamer K-Cups.

Gevalia Creamer K-Cups are available in "Latte," "Milk Creamer" and "Fat Free Cappuccino."

Lindsey Goodwin

Definition: Creamer can refer to two very different things with regard to coffee and tea.

The meaning of "creamer" with relation to coffee is coffee creamer, which can be a light type of cream added to coffee or a non-dairy cream-like substance known as non-dairy creamer.

With relation to tea, the term "creamer" may also refer to coffee creamer. However, more often than not, it refers to a type of teaware.

A tea creamer of this kind is a small vessel used for pouring milk into tea (or directly into teacups before the tea, if you follow the "milk first" school of tea preparation). These pieces of crockery often look a bit like a gravy boat and are typically found in Chinaware tea sets and other English-style tea sets.

Also Known As: non-dairy creamer, coffee cream

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