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Coffee / Tea & Health

From weight loss to tremors and depression, coffee and tea are associated with many health benefits and side effects. Learn about coffee, tea and health with these articles and resources on detoxing, caffeine overdose, tea / coffee drinks' nutritional information and more.
  1. Coffee/Tea Nutritional Info (73)

Side Effects of Drinking Coffee
Coffee is generally considered to be safe. However, side effects of coffee can include side effects from caffeine, as well as digestive side effects, exacerbation of heart problems and more.

Is Soy Milk Really Healthy or Not?
There are many cautions and health claims surrounding soy milk, some founded and some unfounded. Learn about the health benefits of soy milk compared to dairy milk, plus check out soy milk recipes, with this guide to soy milk.

Best Detox Teas
Detox teas are teas and / or herbal infusions geared toward detoxifying the liver, kidneys and other organs. Learn more about detox teas and find the best detox teas for you with this list of detoxifying herbal infusions.

Caffeine & Memory
Learn how caffeine impact memory with this in-depth article on About.com Additions.

Charting Caffeine vs. Calories
Ever wonder how to get the least bulge from the most buzz? Or whether a large chai latte or bowl of coffee ice cream is the best choice for you? Here's the graph with the (generalized) answers you've been seeking!

Coffee Lowers Dementia?
A new study shows that regular coffee consumption may lower the chances of dementia. Read the details in this New York Times article.

Detox Teas & Herbs
Teas and "herbal teas" (or "tisanes") have been associated with health across many cultures and generations. Now, some scientific research has begun to support traditional uses for detoxification, while dismantling other health claims. Learn about traditional and scientifically proven detox teas and herbs with this guide.

Diabetes Diet
The recommended diet for people with diabetes may include coffee or tea, though the correlation between caffeine and insulin is not fully clear. Learn more about diabetes, diet, coffee and tea.

FDA Status of Stevia
Learn more about the natural sweetener stevia, including its approved uses in the United States and countries around the world.

Green Tea
Learn all about green tea, including green tea's health benefits, with this beginner's guide to green tea.

Green Tea & Weight Loss
There are lots of claims surrounding green tea and weight loss. Get the facts here.

Health Benefits of Coffee vs. Tea
This interesting (though not entirely correct) infographic shares visual insights on the health benefits of coffee vs. the health benefits of tea.

Health Claims vs. Evidence Infographic
This informative infographic compares health claims for a variety of products (including green tea and a variety of tisanes) to the actual evidence supporting each claim.

How Much Caffeine is in Coffee, Tea, Cola & Other Drinks?
You probably know that caffeine can impact health, but do you know how much caffeine is in your favorite coffee, tea and hot chocolate drinks? Find out with this guide to caffeine levels.

Is There Nicotine in Tea?
A reader asks, "Is there nicotine in tea? If so, how does it impact my health?" Even I was surprised to find out the truth behind nicotine and tea!

Menopause, Coffee & Tea
Coffee and tea are shown to have some benefits for women going through menopause. However, large amounts of caffeine may reduce bone mass.

Peptic Ulcers & Tea
Tea is shown to be one of the foods that inhibits peptic ulcers. Learn more in this article about peptic ulcers.

Skin Wrinkles & Tea
Tea has been shown to help prevent photoaging and some skin cancers. Learn more in this article about wrinkles and wrinkle prevention.

Stroke Recovery, Coffee & Tea
Caffeine may have some beneficial properties for stroke survivors. Learn how much coffee is healthy for you, why tea may be better and who should avoid all caffeine.

Tea & Health
Douglas Balentine, Director of Nutrition and Health at Unilever North America, discusses the health benefits of various types of tea, including green tea and black tea.

Tea & Health Notes from the Tea Association of the USA
The Tea Association of the USA has reviewed a large body of research on tea and health then collected their findings here.

Teas for Stress
Learn about common stress-busting herbal infusions like chamomile and mint, plus more obscure ones like passionflower and kava, with this guide to teas for stress relief. The listing includes plenty of recipes so you can make your own anti-stress teas at home.

Tradtional Health Uses of Ginger
Ginger makes a popular tisane ("herbal tea"), but has also been used as a medicinal herb for many years. Here are some of the traditional health uses of ginger.

Tremors & Caffeine Intake
People with tremors may have symptoms temporarily worsened by stress, fatigue, anger, fear, caffeine and/or cigarettes.

Learn about the health benefits of tulsi "tea," an herbal infusion from India.

Weight Control / Loss & Tea
Tea is one of the recommended herbal remedies for weight control and weight loss. Read more about weight control medications and remedies.

Weight Loss with Tea & Coffee
Coffee and tea can be part of a healthy diet geared toward weight loss and weight management.

What to Do for a Caffeine Overdose
Caffeine overdose is a serious medical problem that can result in irregular heartbeat, convulsions and even death. Learn what to do in the event of a caffeine overdose.

Yerba Mate & Weight Loss
Learn about the health benefits of yerba mate, including weight loss.

Starbucks Calories
Counting calories? Don't forget to count your drinks! Find out how many calories are in Starbucks coffees, espresso drinks, smoothies, Frappuccinos, bottled drinks, teas and more.

Calories in Coffee
Your typical cup of unsweetened, black coffee only contains a couple of calories... but that doesn't mean that all coffee drinks are low in calories! To the contrary, many coffee drinks are more like drinkable desserts, and are hundreds of calories hiding in each cup of many beloved coffee drinks. Find out just how many calories are in your favorite coffee drinks with this listing.

Starbucks Fat & Protein
From fat-free teas to Frappuccinos that are basically desserts in cups, Starbucks drinks range quite a bit in their fat and protein levlels. Find out how much fat and protein is in your favorite Starbucks drinks before you place your next order.

Superbugs & Herbal Teas
Author Stephen Harrod Buhner discusses the use of herbs and herbal 'teas' for fighting superbugs, a class of viruses against which Western medicine is increasingly ineffective, as well as for other infections.

Delicious & Healthy Herbal Teas
Famed herbalist and author Rosemary Gladstar lists her favorite tasty AND healthy herbal 'teas', including red clover, peppermint and linden flower, along with the benefits and attributes of each.

Herbs for Digestion
These 26 herbal teas can stimulate digestion, treat nausea, stop bloating and gas, and solve other digestive problems. Learn what each one does, plus how to make them at home.

Chamomile Tea Benefits
Learn about the health benefits of chamomile tea, including its use for social anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome and more.

Can Hot Drinks Cool You Down?
Can drinking hot drinks on a hot day really cool you down? Get the scientific explanation behind this popular notion.

Is rooibos decaffeinated?
A reader asks about the caffeine level in rooibos, also known as "red tea".

Coffee Makes You Poop
Coffee is commonly thought to make people poop. Find out who poops after drinking coffee, why coffee makes you poop, how long it takes for coffee to make you poop and more with this article on coffee's impacts on your digestion.

Tea, Coffee & Poop
Do tea and coffee make you poop? Is there really coffee made from cat poop? What about tea made from panda poop?

Sugar in Starbucks
High sugar consumption has been linked to many so-called "Western diseases," such as obesity and diabetes. In particular, "drinking your calories" has been shown to be unhealthy. Learn more about how much sugar is in your favorite Starbucks drinks before you place your next order.

Coffee Benefits
There are many health benefits of coffee that can be reaped with a few cups of Joe a day. Learn about the many coffee benefits for your brain, liver, lifespan and overall body.

Green Tea Side Effects
For some people, green tea consumption can have unpleasant side effects, such as jitteriness and poor iron absorption. Learn all about the side effects of green tea, what causes them and how to prevent them.

Black Tea Benefits
Although green tea and white tea are more famous for their health benefits, black tea also offers a wide range of health benefits. In fact, for some purposes, it may be even healthier than green tea!

Tea Benefits
Teas and herbal 'teas' can have many benefits, including benefits for heart health, stress relieving effects, digestive benefits and much more.

Green Tea Benefits
Green tea is often thought of as the "healthiest" of teas. Find out why with this explanation of green tea's various health benefits, including cancer prevention, increased heart health, weight loss and much more.

Peppermint Tea Benefits
Peppermint 'tea' is one of the most widely medicinally-used herbal infusions in the world. It offers a whole host of potential health benefits, including relieving headaches and stress, soothing the stomach and skin, and improving memory and alertness. Learn about the many perks of sipping peppermint with this comprehensive article on peppermint tea's many health benefits.

Kombucha: Immortal Health Elixir or Homemade Poison?
Is kombucha as healthy as some people claim? Is it as dangerous as others warn? Find out what's really going on with this unusual and ancient fermented tea.

Rooibos Benefits
Rooibos is often touted as one of the healthiest herbal infusions out there. A panacea of sorts, rooibos is used to treat everything from skin issues to heart, brain and stomach problems. Learn more.

Caffeine Addiction
Find out about the controversy behind so-called "caffeine addiction," plus how to reduce or eliminate caffeine with minimal caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

Does Coffee Sober Up a Drunk?

It's a common saying, but is it true? Find out on About.com Chemistry.

Cha Chi
Tea was used as a healing herb for many centuries before it became a regular beverage. A large part of its healing properties were attributed to its ability to move "chi". Learn more with this article on "cha chi".

Green Tea Conditioner Recipe
Green tea is an ingredient in many commercially made shampoos and conditioners because of its hair and scalp benefits. However, these products often contain artificial preservatives, fragrances and other questionable chemicals. You can make your own green tea conditioner at home with minimal time, effort and expense. Here's how.

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