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Green Tea

Green Tea Types, Recipes & Health Benefits


An image of Yame Gyokuro Japanese green tea.

Gyokuro is a shade-grown Japanese green tea with a deep, blue-green color and a rich, savory flavor.

Marko Goodwin
Green tea is a type of tea noted for its health benefits. It is an 'unoxidized' tea, which means it is about as close to drinking the fresh tea leaf as you can get without picking it yourself. You can learn more about green tea processing, green teas' flavor profiles, green tea selection, green tea brewing and green tea recipes in What is Green Tea?.

Green Tea Types

There are many kinds of green tea available. In terms of quality, loose-leaf tea, there are three main origins to consider when selecting a green tea: China, Japan and Korea.

If you're interested in starting to drink green tea (or trying to find green teas you actually enjoy), I recommend checking out my guide to the best green tea types for beginners.

You can also learn more about Japanese green teas, including Matcha green tea and Gyokuro green tea with this illustrated guide to Japanese green teas.

Overall, green teas' flavor profiles tend to be vegetal and bittersweet. If you prefer other types of flavors, consider buying scented, blended or flavored green teas, such as jasmine green tea and Moroccan mint green tea. You can learn more about Moroccan mint tea with this article from About.com Moroccan Food on the Moroccan mint green tea ceremony.

Green Tea Recipes

How Do I Make Green Tea? in this green tea article. Beyond basic brewing, here are some green tea recipes you can try at home: Green Tea & Health

Green tea is famed for its many health benefits. These articles from various About.com guides outline some of the many health benefits of green tea: In addition to these specific health benefits, it is generally understood that tea is a healthy part of a balanced diet, and that when you prepare and enjoy tea, you are benefiting both your mind and body with a healthy, relaxing ritual.

Some people prefer to buy organic green tea for health and sustainability reasons.

Green Tea & Caffeine

Many people erroneously think that green tea contains no caffeine, but green tea actually contains varying caffeine levels. For more information, see How Much Caffeine is in Green Tea? and how green tea decaffeination impacts its health benefits.

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