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Coffee & Tea Crafts

This collection of coffee and tea crafts includes instructions on how to make tea towels, age paper with tea, make play dough with coffee grounds and more.
  1. Coffee Filter Crafts

Coffee Can Crafts & Reuses
Put used coffee cans to good use with these coffee can craft ideas and other ways to reuse coffee cans. Coffee can craft projects include gift containers, bird houses, lanterns and more.

How to Age Paper With Tea
You can use brewed black tea to give paper an aged look. It's an easy and economical way to give paper an aged look for theater props, school projects and much more. Learn to age paper with tea.

How to Dye Easter Eggs With Coffee & Tea
If you'd prefer to take a natural route to dyeing Easter eggs, then coffee and tea are just a few of the natural substances you can use as egg dye. Learn which herbal teas turn eggs yellow, violet and lavender, or stick to the warm brown tones you get from brewed coffee, instant coffee and brewed black tea.

How to Dye Fabric With Coffee
This tutorial explains how to use used coffee grounds to dye cross stitch fabric. You can also use coffee to dye paper as well as other types of fabric made from natural fibers.

How to Make a Bunting Tea Towel
Crafters, look out! This easy sewing project uses scraps of cotton to make a charming and colorful bunting tea towel.

How to Make Play Dough With Coffee Grounds
Did you know that you can make play dough with used coffee grounds? It's a safe and easy craft project that kids can use as they would commercial Play Dough.

The Craft of Tea Bag Folding
"Tea bag folding" originated as a form of radially symmetrical origami made with used teabags. Today, some tea bag folders use all types and colors of paper for the craft of tea bag folding, but you can still use teabags to make tea bag folding crafts of your own.

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