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Cooking With Coffee

Cooking with coffee can be as simple as replacing your usual cooking liquid with coffee or adding finely ground coffee to your dry spice or herb mixes. Learn how to cook with coffee with these easy coffee recipes.

Chocolate Coffee Clusters Recipe
These candied nut clusters feature coffee as an ingredient. They require some candy-making skills.

Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans Recipe
A classic way to include coffee in food, Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans are easy to make and to enjoy.

Coffee Angel Food Cake Recipe
Cooking with coffee can add a delicious richness to even the healthiest of desserts. This low-fat angel food cake is a great example of how to use coffee to get a richly flavored dessert without a lot of fat.

Coffee Barbecue Sauce Recipe
Coffee is often used in sweet food recipes, but it can also add a bold, dark dimension to savory foods, like this barbecue sauce.

Coffee Chili Recipe
Coffee lends this chili recipe a richer, deeper flavor. It's an unusual way to cook with coffee, and it will leave people asking what your 'secret ingredient' is.

Coffee Chocolate Truffles Recipe
There's no instant coffee or pre-brewed coffee in this coffee truffle recipe. It's all about the full flavor of the pure grounds!

Coffee Chocolates
Learn how and why coffee and chocolate go hand in hand with these coffee chocolate reviews, recipes, gift ideas and pairing tips.

Coffee Frosting Recipe
Coffee frosting (or coffee icing) is delicious on cakes, cupcakes, coffee angel food cake (see above) and more. Learn to make coffee frosting with this easy recipe.

Coffee Ice Cream Recipes
Together, coffee and ice cream make a great pairing, a better float and (arguably) the best ice cream flavor out there. Check out these coffee ice cream recipes, including mocha ice cream recipes, coffee gelato and sorbet recipes, and more.

Frozen Coffee Parfait Recipe
If you love iced lattes, check out this recipe for cooking with coffee. It's got the creamy, sweet coffee flavor of an iced latte, but is actually a frozen dessert.

Kahlua Brownies Recipe
Need I say more?

Mocha Recipes
This collection of recipes includes classic mocha lattes and flavored mocha lattes, as well as mocha cakes, mocha ice cream, mocha granitas and other ways to cook with coffee and chocolate.

No-Heat Kahlua Coffee Popsicles
No-Heat Kahlua Coffee Popsicles are a grown-up version of a childhood favorite. As the name suggests, they require absolutely no heat to prepare.

Pot au Cafe Chantilly Recipe
This chocolate custard dessert uses coffee as an ingredient.

Spiced Coffee Popsicles Recipe
Icy, spicy, sweet, caffeine-filled and creamy – this variation on a Vietnamese favorite is a fantastic coffee treat for sweltering afternoons in summer. Try it as a mid-afternoon energy boost, a barbecue dessert or a frozen alternative to your daily cuppa Joe.

Top Ten Coffee & Tea Granitas
Coffee and tea make wonderful bases for granitas, and coffee granitas are common in Italy, where granitas originated. This list includes the ten best coffee and tea granita recipes on About.com. All of them are made without the use of ice cream makers or other kitchen gadgets. Grab a fork and get ready to start scraping!

Vegan Espresso Truffles Recipe
If you can keep from eating all of these yourself, they make a great gift for Valentine's Day or party favor for wintertime holidays.

Vegan Mocha Cake Recipe
You can use leftover coffee as an ingredient in this tasty vegan cake.

Japanese Coffee Jelly
Learn to make this unusual coffee sweet from About.com Japanese Food.

French Coffee Mousse Recipe

This is like coffee whipped cream, but better, and served on its own. Yum...

Coffee-Brined Chicken Breasts
This recipe blends spices and coffee as a chicken brine. The acidity in coffee works well to prepare the meat for grilling.

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