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Soy Milk Recipes


Soy milk is a great dairy alternative for drinking on its own, replacing milk in coffee or tea, and using in other food and drink recipes. Learn to make homemade soy milk and check out top soy milk recipes with the soy milk recipe collection below.

Easy Soy Milk Recipe

An image of Silk Soymilk.
Marko Goodwin
This easy soy milk recipe explains how to make soy milk from scratch. Homemade soy milk is a delicious addition to coffee or tea, or it can be drunk (hot or cold) on its own.

Soy Milk Video Recipe

If you'd rather see how to make soy milk, check out this video recipe for soy milk, which takes you through each step of the process.

Soy Milk Steamer Recipe

An image of a Caramel Steamer made of steamed milk and Caramel Torani Syrup.
Lindsey Goodwin
This basic steamer recipe can be prepared with soy milk in lieu of milk.

Coffee Soy Milk Recipe

An image of vegan Cafe au Lait made with instant coffee and soymilk.
Marko Goodwin
I like to call this recipe 'Vegan Cafe au Lait.' It's an instant coffee recipe that is done in no time flat.

Low Carb Eggnog Recipe (with Soy Milk)

Eggnog recipes are notorious for their fat and calorie counts, but this healthy recipe substitutes soy milk for milk and cream. This slightly less healthy vegan eggnog recipe uses soy milk and vegan villa pudding powder for a richer texture.

Soy Milk Green Tea Latte Recipe

A frozen soy milk-matcha green tea latte.
Lindsey Goodwin
This step-by-step tutorial explains how to make an iced, blended matcha green tea latte with soy milk.

Soy Milk Yerba Mate Latte Recipe

An image of a Vegan Yerba Mate Latte made with soymilk and agave nectar.
Marko Goodwin
Yerba mate is a popular coffee substitute and 'herbal infusion' from South America. In this recipe, soy milk is used to make a yerba mate 'latte.'

Easy Vegan Pancake Recipe (With Soy Milk)

This easy recipe for vegan pancakes features soy milk as an ingredient. I recommend pairing them with coffee!

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