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Tisane / "Herbal Tea" Glossary

Technically not "true teas," tisanes (or "herbal teas") are infused or boiled to extract their flavors and medicinal properties. Learn more about tisanes / herbal teas with this glossary of tisane terms.

Allspice is used as a tisane and mixed in some masala chai blends. Learn more about this flavorful spice.

Anise is a popular tisane, and a popular flavor for coffee in some cultures. Learn more about this herb, its health benefits and how it is used in beverages.

Barley "Tea"
Learn all about barley "tea," including where and how it is consumed around the world.

Black Pepper "Tea"
Black peppercorns (as well as white pepper, green peppercorns, pink pepper and red peppercorns) are used to make herbal infusions and to flavor certain teas.

Sometimes confused with fennel and anise, caraway is a spices that is delicious in tisanes and coffee, or in baked goods paired with coffee or tea.

Cardamom / Cardamon
Cardamom is a spice used in coffee, tea and herbal infusions, as well as many Middle Eastern, Indian and Scandinavian foods. Learn more about cardamom with this definition and recipe listing.

When prepared as a tisane, chicory is a popular substitute for coffee.

Learn about Ceylon cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon, cassia, the cinnamon tree and more with this definition and recipe listing.

Learn how cloves are produced and how to use them in food and drink recipes (including clove teas, clove herbal infusions and clove-spiced coffees).

Fennel Seed
Learn about the medicinal and culinary uses of fennel seed, plus find out how to use fennel seeds in coffee and herbal 'teas' with a collection of fennel drink recipes.

Ginger Benefits, Drinks & Recipes
Ginger is considered to be one of the world's healthiest herbs. Learn how to use ginger for health, how to make ginger drinks (like ginger tea and ginger coffee) at home, and how to cook with ginger.

Lavender "Tea"
This little flower packs a lot of flavor in teas, tisanes and more.

Nutmeg Definition & Recipes
Learn what nutmeg is, where it comes from and how to use it in drinks (such as spiced coffees, mulled ciders and eggnogs) and foods (such as scones and muffins).

Red Tea
"Red tea" typically refers to a type of tisane, but it can also meana type of tea. Learn more.

What Is Lemongrass?
Learn about lemongrass, including how to use fresh lemongrass, how to infuse lemongrass into a drink and how to combine lemongrass with other ingredients to make lemongrass tea blends.

Nettle Tea
Nettle tea is often considered to be one of the healthiest tisanes out there. Learn more about stinging nettle, including how to make it, its health benefits and precautions to use with nettles and nettle tea.

Neem Tea
Learn where neem comes from, what it is used for and how to make neem tea at home with this definition of neem tea.

What is Spice Tea?
Spice tea is similar to spiced tea, but the meanings differ slightly. Spice tea tends toward the tisane side of things, whereas spiced tea is more likely to contain actual tea.

Peppermint Tea
The term "peppermint tea" may refer to an herbal infusion, an herbal decoction or a tea blend. Learn more about this popular, flavorful and varied category of "tea".

Sage has long been considered to be a medicinal and even spiritual herb with benefits ranging from relief of colds to an increase in wisdom and insight. Learn more about this incredible herb, including how to make tea with it, its health benefits and more, with this definition.


Noted for its soft, sweet flavor and soothing effects, chamomile is one of the most popular herbal infusions in Europe and the Americas.

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