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An image of less common masala chai spices, including poppy seeds, nutmeg, coriander, mace, allspice

Pictured on the left, allspice is a large-ish, seed-like spice. Individual pieces are known as allspice "berries."

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Definition: Allspice is a small berry that tastes like a blend of pepper, cloves, juniper, nutmeg and cinnamon (hence the name). It is often used as a tisane in the Caribbean, where it originated, and is found in some Western foods around Christmastime, as well as in some masala chai recipes.

Allspice Benefits

Allspice is shown to act as a (temporary) local anesthetic (because of eugenol, which is also found in cloves) and antibacterial agent. It is also said to be useful for digestive problems and “one-sided” headaches/neuralgia.

Allspice is most effective when ground fresh just before it is steeped as an infusion in a covered mug or pot for about ten minutes.

Note — Allspice can cause negative side-effects when taken in large doses and is an allergen for some people.

Allspice Drink Recipes

Allspice is a popular masala chai spice and ingredient in apple cider recipes.
Also Known As: Pimento officinalis, Pimento diocia, Jamaica pepper, myrtle pepper, newspice, pimenta, clove pepper
Common Misspellings: all spice

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