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Nutmeg Recipes


An image of less common masala chai spices, including poppy seeds, nutmeg, coriander, mace, allspice

Located at 2 o'clock in the photo, nutmeg is one of the less common masala chai spices. The other masala chai spices pictured are poppy seeds, coriander, mace (which is from the same plant as nutmeg), allspice and vanilla extract.

Lindsey Goodwin
Definition: Nutmeg is a warming spice made from the inner seed of the nutmeg tree (Myristica fragrans) of Indonesia. The same tree is the source for mace, a spice with a similar (but milder) flavor profile, harvested from a red, stringy substance that surrounds the inner seed.

Nutmeg is used in many cultures and cuisines, in both sweet and savory foods. For more on culture-specific uses of nutmeg, read Nutmeg in Greek Food, Nutmeg in Middle Eastern Food and Nutmeg in German Food. For an overview of cooking with nutmeg, watch this nutmeg video.

Please note that, when taken in large quantities, nutmeg is a toxin. There has been some press over an issue with some teens using nutmeg as a drug.

Nutmeg Coffee Recipes Nutmeg Tea Recipes

Nutmeg is sometimes used as a masala chai spice. It tends to go best with black teas, particularly black tea lattes. More Nutmeg Drink Recipes

Since it is a warming spice, nutmeg is commonly used in holiday drink recipes, such as eggnog, hot chocolate and apple cider. More Nutmeg Recipes

Nutmeg is a versatile spice that can add flavor to sweet and savory foods alike. Savory nutmeg recipes include Nutmeg Beef Marinade, Irish Potatoes With Nutmeg and Kale, Matzo Balls With Nutmeg and Spanikopita. Below, I've listed sweet nutmeg recipes for foods that pair well with coffee and tea.
Also Known As: Myristica fragrans seed, jouza al-Teeb, basbasa, jouza at-Teeb, josat at-Tib, josat al-Tib, jowz buwwa, moschokaritho

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