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Coffee Origins, Growing, Processing, Roasting, Blending & Cupping

You’ve moved beyond navigating the local coffeehouse menu and figuring out how to brew at home – you’re ready for more serious coffee reading! Here, you can learn about advanced aspects of coffee, including coffee regions and origins, how coffee is grown and processed, roasting and blending, the espresso family and how to cup coffee. Grab a cuppa Joe and read on!
  1. Coffee Growing (10)
  2. Coffee Roasting (5)
  3. Coffee Cupping (8)
  4. Coffee Production (15)

Aged Coffee
These days, most coffee is not aged. However, once aged coffee was the norm in Europe and America, and lately there has been a resurgence of aged coffees.

The Origin of Coffee
Learn more about the fascinating myths and history surrounding the origins of coffee both in Ethiopia and in Yemen.

The Geography of Coffee

Learn about where coffee is grown all over the world.

Harar Coffee
Harar is one of the world's most famous coffee-producing regions, and is noted for its distinctive style of coffee. Learn more about this fascinating coffee origin and the coffees it produces.

South American Coffee Origins

About's South America Travel guide shares the low-down on coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador.

How to Pull Espresso Shots
Every espresso machine is different and there's quite a bit of controversy over the "best" way to pull a shot. However, there are some basics that can help you sharpen your espresso-pulling skills and pull great shots.

How to Tamp Espresso Like a Pro
In this article, Imbibe Magazine explains the nuances to tamping espresso grounds before extracting a shot. Notes include tips on how to hold your wrist when tamping and how to "polish" the grounds when tamping (and why you might consider skipping the step altogether).

Coffee Polishing
Learn when and why coffee polishing is used in coffee production, how it's done and why some people say coffee beans shouldn't be polished.

Arabica Coffee
Arabica coffee is generally considered to be far superior to Robusta coffee, in part due to its sweet, smooth flavor profile. Learn about C. arabica production, tasting, use and more with this complete definition.

Milling Coffee
Coffee milling is often the last step in coffee production before beans are exported. However, some parts of the dry milling process can be skipped. Learn more about this variable method of coffee production.

Coffee Roasts
Whether you're a regular coffee buyer or a home roaster, knowing the coffee roasts can be incredibly useful to you. Learn all the major coffee roasts, including dark roast, French roast, cinnamon roast and more, with this guide to coffee roasts.

French Roast Coffee
French roast coffee is one of the darkest roasts out there. Learn more about this special coffee roast, including what makes it unique and what it tastes like.

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