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White Peony Tea

a.k.a. 'Bai Mu Dan'


Different parts of the tea plant and different processing styles separate Silver Needle from White Peony.
An image of White Peony white tea, a.k.a. 'Bai Mu Dan.'

The best White Peony has unbroken sets of one bud and two leaves. It also has down on the entire bud and the undersides of the leaves.

Marko Goodwin
Whereas most white teas are made from the buds of the tea plant, White Peony is made from sets of one bud and two leaves. It is partially air dried and then further dried with a convection oven.

While White Peony's flavor is delicate compared to many black or green teas, it is bolder than Silver Needle's taste. It has a woody flavor with a hint of cocoa-powder bitterness and (sometimes) apricot.

True White Peony white tea is from Fujian, China, where the two 'white tea' varietals of tea plants grow. Due to the type of tea plant used to make it, it is naturally low in caffeine and high in antioxidants.
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