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Easy Coffee Recipes - How to Make Basic Coffee Drinks

Learn to brew coffee, make basic espresso drinks and more with these easy coffee recipes.

Basic Coffee Cocktail Recipes
This collection of easy-to-make coffee cocktails includes classics (like Irish Coffee) and new drinks (like The Shakes). Each recipe is brimming with flavor, caffeine and alcohol.

Cafe con Miel Recipe
This recipe for Cafe con Miel (coffee with honey) is a warming adaptation of the classic French coffee recipe.

Coffee Coke Float Recipe
This high-caffeine Coke float is made with coffee ice cream.

Coffee Ice Cream Recipes
Several of these coffee ice cream recipes call for instant coffee. Some are easy to whip up with an ice cream maker, while others don't require an ice cream maker.

Coffee Ice Cubes for Iced Coffee
Use Coffee Ice Cubes for instant iced coffee or for iced coffee that never gets watery.

Coffee Latte Shake Recipe
This Coffee Latte Shake recipe uses instant chocolate pudding mix for an extra thick consistency.

Cold-Brewed Coffee
This is one of the easiest and most rewarding coffee recipes in existence. Brew overnight in a large batch. It will stay fresh for up to two weeks, but I can't promise it will last you very long!

Espresso Martini Recipes
Espresso Martinis range from bold, dry martinis with loads of espresso flavor to sweet, chocolaty dessert martinis with a milder espresso flavor. Explore all types with this illustrated guide to espresso martini recipes.

Espresso Recipes
Find basic espresso recipes, hot espresso recipes, iced espresso recipes and alcoholic espresso recipes in this recipe collection.

Flat White Recipe
Learn to make a Flat White espresso drink with espresso and steamed, texturized milk.

How to Make Cappuccinos
Cappuccinos are a favorite drink for many a coffee lover -- and with good reason! With a few barista skills, you can learn to make your own cappuccinos at home.

How to Make Espresso Macchiatos
This popular espresso drink is easy to make once you know how to pull espresso shots and froth milk.

How to Make Irish Coffee (Video)
In this About.com video, Jonathon Stewart talks about Irish Coffee's history and demonstrates his method of making great Irish Coffee.

How to Make Perfect Cappuccino (Video)
In this About.com video, Amanda Byron at Joe in Manhattan, New York City, shares tips for making perfect cappuccino.

Iced Coffee Tips
Learn to quickly and easily make better iced coffee with coffee ice cubes, cold brewed coffee and other iced coffee-making tricks.

Instant Cinnamon Coffee Cocoa
This super-quick, super-easy recipe is ideal for a fast cocoa fix at the office, on a camping trip or anywhere else you don’t have access to a full kitchen.

Instant Iced Cappuccino Recipe
This Instant Iced Cappuccino recipe is quick and easy thanks to instant coffee crystals.

Irish Coffee Recipe
Irish Coffee is the classic coffee cocktail and, some would say, the classic hot cocktail. It's also very easy to make. Here's how.

Latte Recipe
This caffe latte recipe is more of an American-style latte recipe, which means it has more steamed milk and can prepared as a flavored latte.

Mexican Coffee Recipe
This Mexican Coffee recipe is enlivened with chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and brown sugar.

New Orleans Coffee Recipe
New Orleans coffee (a.k.a. “Cafe Noir”) has a distinctive chocolate-caramel flavor, intensely dark color, thick consistency and lower-than-usual caffeine content thanks to its secret ingredient (chicory).

Spiced Coffee Popsicles
Icy, spicy, sweet, caffeine-filled and creamy – this variation on a Vietnamese iced coffee is a fantastic coffee treat for sweltering afternoons in summer. Try this Vietnamese Coffee Popsicle recipe as a mid-afternoon energy boost, a barbecue dessert or a frozen alternative to your daily cuppa Joe.

Spiced Turkish Coffee Recipe
This Spiced Turkish Coffee recipe riffs on traditional Turkish coffee preparation with an assortment of warming spices.

Vegan Cafe au Lait
This vegan version of Cafe au Lait is rich, creamy and lactose-free.

Vegan Coffee Recipes
Learn to make vegan coffee drinks (including instant vegan Cafe au Lait, vegan Irish coffee and vegan cappuccino mix) with this collection of vegan coffee recipes.

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