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Caffeine in Coffee, Tea & Tisanes

Caffeine levels in coffee, espresso, tea, herbal teas, hot chocolate, sodas and other drinks vary widely. Find out how much caffeine is in these drinks, as well as how amounts of caffeine vary within different drink categories (such as coffee or tea) and how to give up caffeine or reduce caffeine intake.

Find out about caffeine's chemical structure, how caffeine works, where caffeine is found, how much caffeine is safe, and more with this guide to caffeine.

Caffeine Headaches
Although caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches, caffeine can also help cure headaches. Learn more about caffeine and headaches.

Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms
Caffeine withdrawal symptoms are a common problem for people who are reducing or eliminating caffeine from their diet. Find out when caffeine withdrawal symptoms occur, which symptoms are most common and how to reduce common symptoms with this guide to caffeine withdrawal.

Caffeine Addiction
Is caffeine addictive or not? Read about both sides of the issue, then learn what you can do about it.

Does Caffeine Improve Memory?
Learn about how caffeine impacts memory with this article from About.com Addictions.

Factors Influencing Caffeine Levels in Coffee
There are many factors that influence the caffeine levels of coffee drinks. Learn how coffee bean type, coffee roast, brewing method and other factors influence caffeine levels in coffee.

Factors Influencing Caffeine Levels in Tea
There are many factors that influence the caffeine levels of tea. Learn how varietal, tea type, brewing method and other factors influence tea's caffeine levels.

Fast Facts About Caffeine
Learn about caffeine's chemical structure, sources, biological mechanisms and more with this guide to caffeine.

How Can I Naturally Decaffeinate Tea?
Read this before trying to decaffeinate tea at home with a hot water "rinse."

How Coffee is Decaffeinated
Imbibe Magazine explains the three processes by which coffee is decaffeinated: chemical processing, water processing and carbon dioxide processing.

How Did You Cut Down on Caffeine?
Did you successfully cut down on caffeine? Share your tips for reducing caffeine intake with other readers.

How Much Caffeine is in Coffee & Espresso?
The caffeine levels in coffee vary with how it is made, whether or not it is decaf and more. Find out how much caffeine is in your favorite coffee and espresso drinks with this guide to caffeine levels in coffee.

How Much Caffeine is in Coffee, Tea, Cola & Other Drinks?
The amounts of caffeine in coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other drinks vary widely. Get the lowdown on caffeine levels for coffee, tea and more with this guide to caffeine contents

How Much Caffeine is in Green Tea?
Although many people believe that green tea is caffeine free, it does contain caffeine. Find out how much caffeine is in green tea in general, plus how to reduce caffeine in green tea.

How to Give Up Caffeine
Giving up caffeine or reducing caffeine is a serious challenge. These tips for caffeine reduction won't make kicking the caffeine habit easy, but they will make it a lot less painful!

Infographic: Caffeine vs. Calories
Ever wonder how to get the least bulge from the most buzz? Or whether a large chai latte or bowl of coffee ice cream is the best choice for you? Here's the graph with the (generalized) answers you've been seeking!

More Starbucks Caffeine Contents
Coffee isn't the only Starbucks drink with caffeine! Find caffeine levels for Starbucks smoothies, hot chocolate drinks and Tazo teas with this list of Starbucks caffeine levels.

Starbucks Caffeine Contents
Learn how much caffeine is in different Starbucks drinks, including Frappuccinos, espressos and coffees, with this guide to Starbucks caffeine contents in coffee drinks.

Too Much Caffeine Symptoms
How much caffeine is too much? What kinds of symptoms are associated with caffeine sensitivity? Which caffeine overdose warning signs and symptoms should you watch for? Learn this and more in Excess Caffeine Symptoms.

What to Do for a Caffeine Overdose
Caffeine overdose is a serious medical problem that can result in irregular heartbeat, convulsions and even death. Learn what to do in the event of a caffeine overdose.

Caffeine in Rooibos?
A reader asks, "Is rooibos decaffeinated?" The answer is a little more complex than you might guess.

Does Caffeine Have a Flavor?

 About.com Chemistry tackles the question of whether or not caffeine has a flavor.

Caffeine-Free Coffee
Naturally caffeine-free coffee may sound like an oxymoron, but it turns out that it's a real thing.

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