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Japanese Matcha Kit Kat Review

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An image of a Japanese Matcha Kit Kat in the packaging.

Unlike regular American Kit Kats, Japanese Kit Kats come in many flavors that are often only available locally or seasonally.

Marko Goodwin
Matcha Kit Kats are generally only available in Kyoto, Japan. If you're a green tea lover and you ever have the opportunity to try one, you should jump at the chance! Matcha Kit Kats have a full, bittersweet matcha green tea flavor that surpasses the intensity of most American green tea confections.

Packaging & Appearance

Matcha Kit Kats are packaged in a glossy chipboard box adorned with images of traditional matcha with a chawan and chasen (pictured in the linked matcha whisking instructions). Inside the box, there are two bars of chocolate, each wrapped in a colorful red, green and black foil wrapper.

The bars themselves are "two-finger" bars, the traditional Kit Kat size that has since been replaced with "four-finger" bars here in the United States. They are pale green in color.

Aroma & Flavor

As soon as you open a Matcha Kit Kat, you can smell the classic bittersweet scent of matcha and intense sweetness of the white chocolate.

The flavor and aftertaste are heavier on matcha than white chocolate. Although they're incredibly sweet (as white chocolate tends to be), they have much more of a matcha taste than, say, the Vosges Matcha Bar.

Overall Opinion

Matcha Kit Kats are a great find for serious matcha fans, but are probably not a top pick for your average Kit Kat eater, as matcha tends to be somewhat of an acquired taste. Personally, I loved the flavor of Matcha Kit Kats even more than the (better quality, less sweet) Green Tea Latte I tried at a Tokyo Starbucks. As they say in Japan, oishii (delicious)!

If the Matcha Kit Kat sounds appealing to you, be sure to look out for the seasonal Sakura Matcha Kit Kat, too.

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