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The Tea Collection Tea Chocolate Truffles

A Connoisseur's Tea Chocolate

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An image of The Tea Collection tea-infused chocolate truffles in the package.

These are truly a connoisseur's tea-infused chocolates.

Marko Goodwin
Update: Sadly, Charles Chocolates is now out of business. However, you can learn the basics of to make your own tea chocolates with this article on cooking with tea.

Tired of the same old Earl Grey, Chai and Matcha chocolates on the market, California businesses Charles Chocolates and Teance paired up to create this stellar collection of tea-infused chocolate truffles. With premium chocolates and artisan teas (including Formosa Baochong and Charcoal-Fired Oolong), this is truly a connoisseur's tea chocolate.

Packaging & Appearance

There are two styles of packaging for The Tea Collection. One is a simple clear plastic box with red ribbon. It is eight ounces and contains 20 truffles. The other style is an elegant, edible chocolate box filled with tea truffles. It totals at 17 ounces.

In both styles of packaging, the truffles are individually screen printed with Chinese characters indicating which type of tea was infused into the ganache. My only complaint about this product is that there isn't a key on the box to translate which chocolates are which. However, there is a PDF on Charles Chocolates' website that has information about flavors and more.

The Flavors

Two tea-infused chocolate truffles from The Tea Collection by Teance and Charles Chocolates.

Each truffle is decorated with a Chinese character indicating which type of tea was used for the ganache.

Marko Goodwin
These chocolates come in five flavors: Lichee, Jasmine, Formosa Baochong, Charcoal-Fired Oolong and Osmanthus.
  • Lichee: A naturally lychee-flavored Chinese black tea creates an accessible yet nuanced base for this truffle. Honeyed, tropical fruit and flower tones soar above the flavor of quality dark chocolate. Rich aromas fade into a long, nectarous finish. Personally, I'm not a big fan of lychees, but this is undeniably delicious.
  • Jasmine: The classic, jasmine-scented Chinese green tea at the base of this truffle is far better quality than your average jasmine tea. This quality level makes all the difference in the final product. Instead of coming across as astringent, the blend is decadent, sumptuous and dark.
  • Formosa Baochong: This lightly oxidized Taiwanese oolong creates a seductively sophisticated tea lover's chocolate. The abundant creamy, floral and leafy green tones of Formosa Baochong are perfectly balanced with the chocolate for a remarkably complex flavor.
  • Charcoal-Fired Oolong : An artisanal Taiwanese dark roast oolong gives this truffle the darkest of all the flavors in the collection. The roasted notes are sure to please oolong lovers, coffee drinkers, dark chocolate fans and, especially, anyone who likes coffee chocolates.
  • Osmanthus: The base of this truffle is Chinese oolong that has been scented with osmanthus blossoms. Its enchanting floral tones are sweeter and simpler than the Jasmine flavor, but also incredibly easy to enjoy. Its decadent finish of caramel sweetness and dark chocolate is perfect for those new to tea chocolates.

Overall Opinion

For consuming on their own or pairing with tea, these are an exceptional choice amongst tea-infused chocolates. They're on the pricier side, sure, but for a gift or a personal indulgence, they really hit the mark. I highly recommend them to tea connoisseurs and chocolate connoisseurs alike.
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