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Vosges Couture Cocoa Reviews

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Vosges Couture Cocoas are a stylish and delicious line of hot cocoas from the innovative and daring chocolatier Vosges. Like most Vosges products, they have great packaging and are highly giftable. I've given the overall line a rating of 4.5 stars. Below, I review each one individually in recommended tasting order (Bianca, then Aztec Elixir, then Parisian).

Bianca Couture Cocoa

Bianca Couture Cocoa is made of pure white chocolate shavings, Australian lemon myrtle, lavender and Madagascar vanilla bean. You can prepare it with milk, water or soy milk (I used water) -- just be sure to strain out the herbs before drinking.

The color of the finished cocoa was yellowish-white with a yellow skin/oily sheen. I found this to be kind of odd and mildly off-putting, so took off a half-star for it.

The aroma was sweet and very fragrant. The herbaceous notes made it a bit like aromatherapy.

The flavor of Biance was unusual, but delicious. It's a complex balance of sweet, citrusy and floral notes, with a mellow, light, floral and sweet aftertaste.

Overall, I give Bianca four stars (with 1/2 star off for the weird appearance).

Aztec Elixir Couture Cocoa

Aztec Elixir Couture Cocoa is made of pure dark chocolate shavings with ancho and chipotle chilies, Ceylon cinnamon (a.k.a. 'true cinnamon'), yellow maize and Madagascar vanilla bean. I prepared my samples with water.

The appearance of Aztec Elixir was thick, opaque and deep brown. The aroma was dark, rich and spicy.

The flavor was spicy and sweet, with strong chili and cinnamon notes and a touch of corn sweetness. The aftertaste was spicy and bold with a lasting, intense dark chocolate flavor.

The mouthfeel was viscous, thick. Tiny corn bits gave it a grainy feel, which was (like the oily sheen on Bianca) odd.

Overall, I give Aztec Elixir cocoa four stars, with 1/2 star off for weird texture.

Parisian Couture Cocoa

The simplest and most straightforward of the cocoas in the collection, Parisian Couture Cocoa is made of pure dark chocolate and Madagascar vanilla bean pieces. I prepared it with water.

The color was dark brown, with a light oily sheen. It looked viscous.

The aroma was bittersweet and a little nutty, with a vanilla note.

The flavor was bold and bittersweet -- perfect for fans of DARK dark chocolate -- with a soft vanilla note. The aftertaste was bittersweet and lasting.

The mouthfeel was heavy and thick, but not as thick as Bianca's mouthfeel.

The classic dark chocolate flavor of Parisian is not as interesting as the other two, but it is very good. I give it four stars.
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