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Vosges Creole Chicory Coffee Chocolate

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An image of Vosges Creole Bar (chicory coffee chocolate) in its packaging.

Chicory coffee and 70 percent Sao Tome chocolate make this an unforgettable coffee chocolate.

Marko Goodwin
Vosges, the "luxury" chocolate brand that redefined chocolate bars for a large segment of the American population, offers both a "Creole" (New Orleans chicory coffee) chocolate bar and a Matcha Bar featuring Japanese green tea. Both are good quality chocolates that melt evenly across the palate and pair well with tea/coffee.


Vosges was a pioneer in the contemporary foodie aesthetic. This packaging is no exception. It's elegant and speaks clearly to the food lover who knows what they want in a great chocolate.

The chocolate bar itself is smooth and nearly black with an appealing sheen an one imprinted image of a woman on each of the eight squares that comprise it.

Aroma, Flavor, Aftertaste & Texture

As a bar with a blend of chicory coffee and 70 percent Sao Tome chocolate, this "exotic candy bar" delivers on aroma and flavor. The scent is boldly bittersweet. The flavor is bracing and full with a slightly grainy, nutty taste from the chicory. The aftertaste is predominantly made up of coffee notes.

The texture is firm (an indicator of good quality chocolate). It also has some crispiness to it from the ground coffee and chicory, but it's not so overwhelming as the Hope Endangered Species Espresso Chocolate.

Overall Opinion

This is a truly fantastic coffee chocolate. The chicory adds a wonderful new dimension to the flavor. This robust coffee chocoalte pairs well with anything from espresso to Cafe au Lait or even a caramel latte.
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