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Clipart & Photos

If you're looking for clipart or photos of coffee cups, tea pots, coffee beans, or any other related graphics.
Articles & Resources
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Cat-Tea Clips
A big collection of tea clip art and related photos.
Coffee Clip Art Catalog
Several simple line drawings of coffee cups and people drinking coffee.
Clip's Ahoy
Several clip art images of coffee cups, and a couple of coffee makers too.
Clipart.com - Coffee
A variety of coffee clipart, with mugs, people, machines and beans.
Clipart.com - Tea
All kinds of tea clipart, with tea bags, kettles and tea pots galore.
Coolclips - Coffee
A multitude of small coffee clipart, with pictures of beans, grinders, coffee pots and coffee cups.
Coolclips - Tea
A big bunch of icons of tea pots, kettles, tea cups and tea bags.
Tea Time
Some very nicely drawn tea related pictures.
Ugly Tea Pots Contest
A bunch of handmade teapots, that I think are pretty neat. Not ugly at all.
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