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Coffee Basics covers beginner information, like coffee / espresso drink basics, coffee brewing methods, caffeine levels, beginner coffee product reviews and easy coffee recipes. Learn how to select coffees you’re likely to love, how to store coffee and more. Welcome to the world of coffee!
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Coffee Storage
One of the most common mistakes in making coffee at home is using coffee that has been stored incorrectly. Poorly stored coffee loses its flavor and aroma, and can even take on nasty flavors from your freezer or from nearby contaminants. Learn how to store your coffee beans or ground coffee correctly with this guide to coffee storage.

Espresso Roast Coffee for Espresso
A reader asks, "Do I need to use espresso roast coffee to make espresso? Or can I use another kind of coffee roast?"

Frequently Asked Coffee Questions
The most common coffee questions are answered here.

Greening Your Coffee or Tea Habit
From buying organic to bringing your own mug, Planet Green shares simple tips for making your coffee or tea routine more sustainable.

How Much Caffeine is in Coffee & Espresso?
One of the most commonly asked questions about coffee is 'How much caffeine is in coffee?' Find out about the caffeine levels in your favorite coffee and espresso drinks with this guide to coffee's caffeine levels.

How to Remove Coffee Stains
About.com's Laundry guide explains how to remove coffee stains from fabric.

Latte Art
Simply put, latte art is the decorative and consumable combination of steamed milk and espresso. However, it's also a means of expression, a pleasure to drink and a topic of controversy amongst latte art fans and those who say the focus should be on a drink’s taste, not its appearance.

Share Your Favorite Espresso Drinks - What are Your Favorite …
Share your favorite espresso-based drinks with other About.com readers.

Should I Store Coffee in the Freezer?
Find out why storing coffee in the freezer isn't ideal and where you should store coffee instead, plus check out some of the science on freezer burn and freezing coffee.

Starbucks Caffeine Contents
If you're new to coffee, you might find that knowing the amounts of caffeine in different Starbucks coffee drinks will help you achieve the right level of caffeination.

Starbucks Sizes
A reader asks, "What's up with Starbucks' sizes?," and gets a rundown on the different sizes for different drinks, including the Demi, Short, Tall, Grande, Venti, Iced Venti and Trenta.

The New York Times on Coffee
From the latest in coffee news to a resource listing that includes About.com, here's what The New York Times has to say about coffee.

What is Greek Coffee?
Learn how to make Greek coffee, find out how Greek coffee relates to Turkish coffee, and more with this guide to Greek coffee.

Coffee Videos
Learn how to roast coffee, how to brew coffee, how to make iced coffee and more with this collection of coffee videos.

Best Starbucks Drink
A reader asks which is the best Starbucks drink. Help him out! What do you think is the best Starbucks drink? Share your opinion here.

What's the Best Starbucks Drink?
Share your favorite Starbucks drink (including what's on their menu and the drinks they'll let you custom order) with other readers here.

Can Hot Drinks Cool You Down?
Some say that drinking hot coffee on a hot cay can cool you down, while others say that the idea is absurd. Get the science behind this, and learn when it's true (and when it's false!).

Starbucks Coffee Company
Starbucks is the world's largest coffeehouse chain and is an entry point to coffee for many a coffee drinker. Learn more about this institution, including its history, menu offerings, prices and more.

Monkey Coffee
Like so-called "cat poop coffee", monkey parchment coffee is a rare type of animal processed coffee prized for its unique flavor.

What is Cat Coffee?
Sounds cute, huh? But be warned! It's way more horrifying (and, strangely, more delicious) than you might think.

What's the difference between a wet and a dry cappuccino?
The FAQ "What's the difference between a wet and a dry cappuccino?" gets a complete answer here.

What's an Espresso Cappuccino?
In this FAQ, a reader asks, "What's an espresso cappuccino? Is it different from a regular cappuccino?"

What is Irish Coffee?
Irish coffee was created in Ireland in the 1940s, yet it's relatively unknown there today. Find out why, plus learn to make it for yourself.

The cappuccino is one of the world's most popular espresso drinks. Learn how a cappuccino is made, why Italians think the way Americans drink cappuccinos is disgusting and much more with this guide to the cappuccino.

Does Coffee Sober Up a Drunk?

Myth or truth? Find out on About.com Chemistry.

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