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Coffee Recipes - How to Make Coffee Drinks

This coffee recipe collection includes old favorites, vegan versions of classic coffee drinks and innovative new coffee drinks.

Alcoholic Coffee Recipes - Hot
These hot coffee recipes (Hot Buttered Coffee, Irish Coffee, Jamaican Coffee, Spanish Coffee, etc.) feature alcohol.

Espresso Recipes
From a basic espresso shot to a cappuccino and an espresso martini to a flavored, iced espresso drink, there are many ways to enjoy espresso. Learn to make your own espresso drinks at home with this collection of espresso recipes.

Mocha Recipes
Learn to make mocha lattes, iced caffe mochas and even mocha-flavored foods with this collection of mocha recipes.

Dirty Chai Lattes
Learn to make Dirty Chai Lattes from scratch, from chai simple syrup, from chai concentrates and from chai powder with this Dirty Chai Latte recipe collection.

Vegan Coffee Recipes
Learn to make vegan coffee drinks (including instant vegan Cafe au Lait, vegan Irish coffee and vegan cappuccino mix) with this collection of vegan coffee recipes.

Cafe con Miel Recipe
Cafe Con Miel translates to "coffee with honey," but this French after-dinner coffee drink also includes milk and spices for a rich, dessert-like flavor.

Cafe de Olla Recipe
Coffee, cloves, cinnamon, brown sugar and chocolate make this unusual coffee recipe sweet and delicious.

Caramel Coffee Recipe
Make cafe (coffee) and dulce de leche (caramel) do the tango in your mouth with this easy caramel coffee recipe.

Egg Coffee

Unusual? Yes. Awesome? YES! This recipe is a long-held tradition amongst Scandinavian-Americans in the Midwest. It has no bitterness, thanks to the inclusion of one egg per ten cups of coffee.

Flat White Recipe
Learn to make a Flat White espresso drink with espresso and steamed, texturized milk.

Holiday au Lait Recipe
This spiced, milky coffee recipe is perfect for the holidays.

How to Make a Cappuccino
Learn to make light, foamy cappuccino drinks at home with a few basic barista skills.

How to Make Espresso Macchiatos
The Espresso Macchiato is a classic coffee drink. Learn to make your own Espresso Macchiatos with this easy recipe.

How to Make Greek Coffee

This tutorial explains each step of the process for making great Greek coffee at home.

How to Make Irish Coffee (Video)
In this About.com video, Jonathon Stewart talks about Irish Coffee's history and demonstrates his method of making great Irish Coffee.

How to Make Perfect Cappuccino (Video)
In this About.com video, Amanda Byron at Joe in Manhattan, New York City, shares tips for making perfect cappuccino.

Latte Recipe
This caffe latte recipe is more of an American-style latte recipe, which means it has more steamed milk and can prepared as a flavored latte.

Mayan Cherry Frappe Recipe (Video)
In this About.com video, Heather Perry demonstrates how to make her Mayan Cherry Frappe at The Ultimate Barista Challenge.

Mexican Coffee Recipe
This Mexican Coffee recipe is enlivened with chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and brown sugar.

Milky Way Cappuccino Recipe
Chocolate, caramel and espresso... It really does taste like a Milky Way candy bar.

Moroccan Spiced Coffee

Cinnamon, cloves and other spices give this Moroccan coffee recipe its distinctive flair.

New Orleans Coffee Recipe
New Orleans coffee (a.k.a. “Cafe Noir”) has a distinctive chocolate-caramel flavor, intensely dark color, thick consistency and lower-than-usual caffeine content thanks to its secret ingredient (chicory).

Penny's Delight Frappe Recipe (Video)
This About.com video was taped at The Ultimate Barista Challenge. In its signature, Greg Suekoff explains how to make an apple-espresso frappe called Penny's Delight.

Soymilk Coffee Recipe
This vegan version of Cafe au Lait is a rich, creamy and lactose-free soymilk-coffee blend.

Spanish Cafe Bombon Recipe

This recipe from About Spanish Food explains how to make a classic Spanish coffee recipe featuring condensed milk, as well as how to make a popular variation on it from the Canary Islands.

Spiced Turkish Coffee Recipe
This Spiced Turkish Coffee recipe riffs on traditional Turkish coffee preparation with an assortment of warming spices.

White Chocolate Coffee Recipe
This coffee recipe is a bit like a white hot chocolate with coffee. It includes white chocolate, half-and-half and whipped cream.

Yemeni Ginger Coffee Recipe

Coffee from Yemen is often spiced with ginger for an added kick. Learn how to make your own Yemeni ginger coffee with this easy recipe.

Yuanyang Coffee Tea Recipe
Yuanyang (a.k.a. “coffee with tea,” "Yuenyeung," "Yinyong" or "Yingyong") is a sweet, creamy coffee / tea mixture that is hugely popular in Hong Kong. Each Yuanyang maker has his / her own secret recipe, but this version captures the general flavor of this singular beverage.

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