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Espresso Recipes

How to Make Lattes, Espresso Machiattos, Cappuccinos & More


Espresso is a delicious drink in its own right, but it is also used to make a wide variety of espresso drinks, such as lattes, espresso martinis, Americanos and more. Learn to make some of the most popular espresso drinks out there (and a few more obscure espresso drinks, too) with this comprehensive collection of espresso recipes.

How to Pull Perfect Espresso Shots

An image of a barista timing an espresso shot with a digital stopwatch.
Lindsey Goodwin
This step-by-step tutorial explains everything you need to know to pull perfect espresso shots, all the way from grinding your coffee beans to evaluating your work for further improvement.

For a more basic guide, check out this video on how to pull espresso shots.

Latte Recipe

A Caffe Latte with Heart-Shaped Latte Art
Photo (c) Counter Culture Coffee
Lattes (or caffe lattes) are drinks made of espresso and foamed milk. Flavored lattes (which are made with flavored syrups or powders) are a staple of North American coffeehouses.

In the 1990s, latte art was popular. You can learn more about latte art from this latte art article and this latte art video.

Cappuccino Recipe

An image of a cappuccino in a clear glass.
Marko Goodwin
The cappuccino is a standard espresso drink in Italy, where it is typically consumed in the morning, and in North America, where it is often consumed in the afternoon with a snack or in the evening with or after dessert.

The recipe above provides detailed instructions for making a cappuccino at home. You might also want to check out this video recipe for how to make a cappuccino.

Espresso Macchiato Recipe

An image of an espresso macchiato (espresso with texturized milk).
Lindsey Goodwin
Macchiato literally means "mark," and in the case of an espresso macchiato, it means that the espresso is "marked" with a bit of texturized milk. This is a good transition drink between lattes and straight shots of espresso.

The inversion of the Espresso Macchiato is the Latte Macchiato -- texturized milk marked with a shot of espresso.

Espresso Frappe Recipe (Video)

In this video recipe, Greg Suekoff demonstrates how to make his signature espresso frappe recipe, called Penny's Delight, at The Ultimate Barista Challenge.

Flat White Espresso Recipe

An image of a Flat White espresso drink in a clear glass.
Marko Goodwin
The flat white is an espresso drink that's popular in Australia. Learn to make flat whites at home with this simple recipe.

Mocha Recipes

'Mocha' is a flavor combination of coffee (or espresso) and chocolate. This collection of mocha recipes includes recipes for mocha lattes, iced mocha lattes, flavored mocha lattes and more.

Basic Espresso Recipes

Get ratios and guidelines for making Caffe Americanos, Caffe Breves, Espresso con Panna and more with this simple guide to basic espresso recipes.

Flavored Espresso Drink Recipes

This collection of flavored espresso drinks includes alcoholic espresso recipes, spiced espresso recipes a dirty chai recipe and more.

Iced Espresso Recipes

This collection of iced espresso recipes includes recipes for espresso sorbet, espresso spritzers, alcoholic espresso drinks and more.

Espresso Martini Recipes

An image of a Triple Threat Espresso Martini with a coffee bean garnish.
Marko Goodwin
Learn to make a wide variety of espresso martinis with this comprehensive collection of espresso martini recipes, ranging from semi-dry to very sweet and milk-free to decadently creamy. Reader favorites include the Triple Threat Espresso Martini (pictured here) and the Chocolate-Hazelnut Espresso Martini

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