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Vegan Coffee Recipes

How to Make Vegan Coffee Drinks


Sure, regular old black coffee is vegan, but Cafe au Lait, cappuccinos and other coffee drinks are decidenly not vegan... or at least they aren't usually. Learn to make dairy-free, vegan versions of usually-milky coffee drinks, and check out other top vegan coffee recipes, with this list.

For more ideas on how to spice up your coffee breaks without going against your vegan diet/lifestyle, check out this blog post on vegan coffee drinks.

Vegan New Orleans Coffee Recipe

A photo of New Orleans black coffee
Lindsey Goodwin
Also known as Cafe Noir, New Orleans coffee is coffee spiked with chicory. It's naturally vegan, and it's a wonderful way to mix up your usual black coffee routine.

Instant Vegan Cafe au Lait

An image of vegan Cafe au Lait made with instant coffee and soymilk.
Marko Goodwin

This quick, easy recipe is akin to Cafe au Lait, but it's made with soymilk (or another dairy alternative and with an instant coffee, like Starbucks VIA.

Vegan Spiced Turkish Coffee Recipe

An image of Spiced Turkish Coffee in a clear glass
Lindsey Goodwin
Turkish coffee is typically served sweet or “bitter” (unsweetened) with no milk, so it's naturally vegan. It is also often prepared with cardamom, and may even include ingredients like almond extract, cloves and vanilla. This Spiced Turkish Coffee recipe riffs on tradition with an assortment of warming spices.

Vegan Irish Coffee Recipe

This vegan variation on the classic Irish Coffee cocktail is made with optional vegan whipped topping instead of whipped cream.

Vegan Cafe de Olla Recipe

Opt for vegan chocolate to make this spiced, chocolaty coffee drink vegan-friendly.

Vegan Cold Brewed Coffee Recipe

An image of cold-brewed coffee in a glass coffee cup.
Marko Goodwin
Use this cold-brewed coffee tutorial as the basis for all kinds of vegan coffee drinks. Add spices, vegan sweeteners, dairy alternatives and other ingredients for extra flavor.

Coffee / Espresso Syrup Recipe

Although they aren't vegan drinks per se, these vegan simple syrup recipes can be used to make instant sparkling coffee sodas or to add coffee flavor to other vegan drinks, like vegan smoothies (like this Vegan Date Tea Smoothie recipe or Vegan Vanilla Nut Smoothie recipe), vegan "milkshakes" (like this Raw Dark Chocolate Shake) or vegan hot chocolates. You might also like this vegan coffee syrup recipe.

Vegan Cappuccino Mix Recipe

This easy recipe takes only ten minutes to prepare and it makes 3.5 cups of vegan cappuccino mix -- enough for 28 cappuccinos. Since it makes large batches, it's a great gift to share with vegan (and non-vegan) friends.

Homemade Vegan Coffee Liqueur

An image of Homemade Coffee Liqueur served on the rocks.
Marko Goodwin
This homemade coffee liqueur is like Tia Maria or Kahlua, but you can control everything that goes into it. If you like the idea of making your own coffee-infused alcohol, check out more vegan coffee liqueur recipes and this coffee-infused vodka recipe.

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