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Roasted Chicory

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Chicory flower

The Bottom Line

A popular substitute for coffee. When roasted and ground, you can hardly tell the difference (at least to look at it).


  • Naturally decaffeinated


  • Naturally decaffeinated
  • Harder to find than regular coffee
  • Unpleasant taste


  • Botanical name: Cichorium intybus
  • The chicory root is roasted and ground
  • Brewed in the same manner as coffee

Guide Review - Roasted Chicory

Chicory is a natural and decaffeinated alternative to coffee that many people say tastes 'the same'. I am going to put that to the test.

When roasted and ground, is it undistinguishable from roasted and ground coffee. Looks the same, thought it doesn't smell the same. It has a roasted aroma, but is also quite sweet smelling with almost a hint of chocolate.

It brews up pretty much like regular coffee, though I found the resulting beverage a little 'thicker' than coffee. Not really thick, but it had a bit more body to it than regular coffee. Given the sweet smell of the chicory grounds, I was completely shocked by the taste. Sour. I think it was the most sour thing I've had in a mug. Healthy or not, it was just nasty. I couldn't finish it.

My wife had a cup before I had a chance to tell her that it was actually chiorcy. She didn't even notice. Granted, I suspect she gave her cup a good dose of vanilla creamer and brown sugar, which would mask the taste of just about anything. I no longer trust her judgement.

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