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Teeccino Herbal Coffee, a coffee substitute

Teeccino Herbal Coffee

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  • The Bottom Line

    An excellent herbal coffee that contains no caffeine, but does taste remarkably just like regular coffee. No need to deny yourself in the mornings if you want to cut your caffeine.


    • No caffeine
    • Many flavours to choose from
    • Brews just like coffee
    • TASTES just like coffee


    • Not all flavours are equally good


    • Available in single serve pouches, 8.5oz cans, or even 5lbs bags.
    • Sold already ground, for brewing in your usual method.
    • An all-natural and healthy product.
    • Organic varieties available as well (the Maya flavour line)

    Guide Review - Teeccino

    I've tried a few coffee substitutes, such as Postum and chicory, but was always disappointed to find they don't really taste like the coffee I know and love.

    I have been completely impressed with Teeccino, as the first coffee substitute I have found that tastes like coffee. Really. It has the rich, full-bodied taste that I love in my cup. And the many flavours make this a very versatile product to enjoy.

    The basic ingredients for Teeccino herbal coffees are: roasted carob, barley, chicory root, figs, dates and almonds. The organic Maya line of products also have roasted ramon nuts. These are just the basic foundation for Teeccino. Each blend has its own unique mix of ingredients and flavours. My thoughts on each blend are as follows:

    • Original - A good, strong cup of coffee that tasted like coffee but with a tiny hint of citrus sweetness from added orange peel.
    • Mocha - The mocha was sweeter than the original, with a very mild hint of chocolate in the aftertaste.
    • Almond Amaretto - My favorite of all 10 varieties. The almond flavour was clear, sweet and quite strong. A very tasty blend.
    • Vanilla Nut - Though the brew smelled heavily of vanilla, I didn't really find it in the taste. It was more of a nutty flavour and a bit sour.
    • Hazelnut - Another nutty variety but not that nutty tasting. It tasted alot like the almond amaretto, only weaker.
    • Chocolate Mint - A very boldly minty taste, like drinking a Junior Mint candy. Extremely refreshing.
    • Java - Not that different from the original, with similar ingredients.
    • Maya Chai - Not an overly spicy chai, but you can really taste the cinnamon and cloves. There is ginger as well, that I didn't notice.
    • Maya Caffe - Same flavour as the Teeccino original.
    • Maya Mocha - Again, same coffee taste. I really didn't taste any chocolate, nor chili.

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