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Espresso Martini Recipes

From Dry Espresso Martinis to Dessert Martinis With Espresso


Espresso Martinis range from bold, dry martinis with loads of espresso flavor to sweet, chocolaty dessert martinis with a milder espresso flavor. Explore all types with this illustrated guide to espresso martini recipes.
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An image of a Triple Threat Espresso Martini with a coffee bean garnish.Triple Threat Espresso Martini RecipeAn image of a Liqueur Latte Espresso Martini made with Baileys, Amaretto and espresso.Liqueur Latte Espresso Martini RecipeAn image of a Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso Martini with a chocolate garnish.Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso MartiniAn image of a Cinnamon Latte Espresso Martini garnished with ground cinnamon.Cinnamon Latte Espresso Martini
An image of an Espresso Dessert Martini with a chocolate syrup rim.Espresso Dessert Martini RecipeAn image of an Espresso Martini With Latte Art.More Espresso Martinis
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