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Mocha Recipes

Chocolate + Coffee = Deliciousness


Originally, the word "Mocha" referred to a place where coffee was often traded, but over time, it has come to mean the combination of chocolate and coffee (or espresso).

The most popular mocha drink is the mocha latte (also known as a caffe mocha), but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy coffee and chocolate together, such as mocha ice cream, mocha cake and coffee-flavored chocolates.

Mocha Latte Recipe

An image of a latte (caffe latte espresso drink) in a clear glass.
Marko Goodwin
Use chocolate syrup (or cocoa powder that has been mixed into a paste with a bit of hot water) to make a standard caffe latte into a chocolaty mocha latte.

If you like nutmeg and orange zest, you might also want to try this orange mocha latte recipe. And if you like white chocolate, try this white chocolate coffee recipe.

Mocha Zap Recipe

This extra-strong mocha recipe has three sources of caffeine: espresso, coffee and chocolate.

Easy Iced Mocha Recipe

This easy iced mocha latte recipe is made with instant coffee, cinnamon and chocolate syrup. For a more adventuresome iced mocha, try Orange Chocolate Truffle Mocha, which gets its flavor from cocoa powder, caramel syrup and a splash of orange juice.

Mocha Granita Recipe

An image of a Mocha Granita.
Marko Goodwin
The granita is the Italian version of a slushy drink. It's sweet and icy, and ideal for the dog days of summer. Try the regular mocha granita recipe or the white chocolate mocha granita.

Raspberry Mocha Milkshake Recipe

An image of a Raspberry Mocha Milkshake topped with frozen raspberries.
Lindsey Goodwin
Espresso, chocolate chips, vanilla ice cream and frozen raspberries give this milkshake a bold mocha-berry flavor. You can make this into a kid-friendly milkshake by using decaf espresso or decaf instant coffee.

Mocha Sherbet Recipe

This Mocha Sherbet recipe from About.com Gourmet Food was created by famed Chez Panisse pasrty chef David Lebovitz. If you like it, you might also like this Mocha Ice Cream recipe from About.com Desserts / Baking.

Chocolate Coffee Martini Recipe

A layered coffee-and-chocolate cocktail topped with chocolate ice cream.
Lindsey Goodwin
This mocha martini (mochatini?) layers Irish cream liqueur, chocolate liqueur, vodka, cold-brewed coffee and chocolate ice cream. It is, hands down, the most indulgent recipe in this collection.

Mocha Cake Recipe

An image of a slice of Mocha Cake on a blue plate.
Lindsey Goodwin
Perhaps my favorite of the mocha recipes listed here, this mocha cake is dense and moist, with a good balance of coffee and chocolate flavor. If you like it, you might also like this mocha loaf recipe, which produces a moist, sweet bread.

Coffee Chocolates

An image of Coffee Chocolate Truffles coated in cocoa powder and chopped pecans.
Marko Goodwin
This article includes a listing of commercially produced coffee chocolates and recipes for coffee chocolates.

Mocha Yerba Mate Recipe

An image of a Yerba Mate Mocha Latte and chocolate syrup.
Marko Goodwin
This recipe replaces the mocha latte's usual espresso with yerba mate, a caffeine-rich herb from South America.

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