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Iced Coffee Recipes

This recipe collection includes iced coffee recipes, iced coffee tips, cold-brewed coffeemaking instructions and frozen coffee recipes. Some iced coffee recipes require no heat to make.

Iced Coffee Recipes
This collection of iced coffee recipes includes a tutorial on how to make cold brewed coffee, recipes for iced espresso drinks, alcoholic iced coffee recipes and much more.

Alcoholic Iced Coffee Recipes
Beat the summer heat with this collection of alcoholic iced coffee recipes, including recipes for espresso martinis, coffee milkshakes and more.

Coffee Ice Cream Recipes
Perhaps the ultimate cold coffee treat is coffee ice cream. Tempted? Check out the top coffee ice cream recipes on About.com, including Kahlua & Espresso Ice Cream, Coffee Gelato and more.

Iced Espresso Recipes
Learn to make suada over ice, icy espresso smoothies, espresso sorbet, chilled espresso martinis and more with this collection of iced espresso recipes.

B 51, B 53, B 54 & B 52 Shot Recipes
Classic B-50 shots (including the B-51 shot, B-52 shot, 5-53 shot and B-54 shot) all contain equal parts of three spirits: Kahlua coffee liqueur, Bailey's Irish cream liqueur and a third ingredient that varies with each B-50 type.

All-Nighter Smoothie Recipe (Video)
In this About.com video, Dave from Lucky Cat in Brooklyn, New York, explains how to make their famous "All-Nighter Smoothie." Hint -- The secret ingredient is coffee!

Caramel Latte Granita Recipe
This variation on a regular granita (the frozen, slushie-like dessert so often enjoyed in Italy) takes a cue from frozen, blended American caramel latte drinks. The result is a sweet, rich dessert that is (incredibly) often healthier than the drinks they are modeled after.

Chocolate Chai Coffee Granita Recipe
Iced mochas meet tea when this frozen Chocolate Chai Coffee granita recipe combines coffee with masala chai (or "chai tea") for a spicy-sweet flavor.

Chocolate Coffee Martini Recipe
The trifecta of coffee, chocolate and alcohol makes this Chocolate Coffee Martini a decadently drinkable cocktail. Its layered liqueurs and chocolate ice cream look impressive, but it can be made in no time flat if you have leftover drip coffee to spare.

Cinnamon Caramel Iced Coffee Recipe
This easy cinnamon-caramel coffee recipe can be used to make cold or iced coffee in the summer.

Coffee / Espresso Martini Recipe
I call this easy coffee / espresso martini recipe "The Shakes." It's a fairly flexible cocktail recipe, as it can be made with either espresso of strong drip coffee.

Coffee Coke Float Recipe
This high-caffeine Coke float is made with coffee ice cream.

Coffee Ice Cubes for Iced Coffee
Use Coffee Ice Cubes for instant iced coffee or for iced coffee that never gets watery.

Coffee Latte Shake Recipe
This Coffee Latte Shake recipe uses instant chocolate pudding mix for an extra thick consistency.

Coffee Liquor Recipe
As a base for more elaborate drinks or a flavorful variation on regular vodka, this coffee liquor is a fast and easy addition to your coffee / bar menu.

Coffee Sambuca
Coffee Sambuca is probably the easiest Italian coffee drink out there. Just float three coffee beans in one to two ounces Sambuca and sip it slowly as an aperitif or digestif.

Coffee-Toffee Milkshake Recipe
This easy milkshake recipe includes English toffee, espresso (or coffee) and ice cream.

Cold Coffee Nog Recipe
This eggnog variation is spiked with coffee and served iced.

"Espresso" Chill Recipe
This recipe is not an espresso recipe, but an instant iced coffee recipe. It uses instant coffee and cold water to make a heat-free, strong, iced coffee drink.

Cold-Brewed Coffee
This Cold-Brewed Coffee Tutorial will teach you how to make smooth tasting, naturally sweet iced coffee that needs no milk or sugar to taste great.

Frozen Kahlua Coffee Recipe
Frozen Kahlua Coffee popsicles are a grown-up version of a childhood favorite. Since they use instant coffee, they require very little prep time and absolutely no heat to prepare.

Ginger Coffee Cocktail Recipe
This Ginger Coffee Cocktail is a spicy, warming alcoholic coffee drink can be sipped straight or on the rocks.

Homemade Coffee-Infused Liqueur
You can make a drink akin to Tia Maria or Kahlua at home. This coffee liqueur recipe is easily customized to personal tastes by varying the level of coffee, sugar or vanilla. It's also less expensive than store-bought coffee liqueur.

Iced Almond Coffee Recipe
This iced coffee recipe features milk, vanilla extract and almond extract for a rich flavor.

Iced Cafe au Lait Recipe
Cafe au Lait, or coffee with milk, doesn't just have to be for cool days and mornings. Add crushed ice for a summer's afternoon coffee drink.

Iced Coffee Tips
Follow these iced coffee making tips for great iced coffee at home.

Iced Coffee With Honey Recipe
A bit like a milky, instant version of cafe con miel, this iced coffee recipe is made with honey, milk and instant coffee.

Iced Raspberry Chocolate Cappuccino Recipe
This Iced Raspberry Chocolate Cappuccino recipe isn't technically a cappuccino, as it's made with coffee instead of espresso, but it is a refreshing and easy iced coffee recipe to make in the summertime.

Instant Iced Cappuccino Recipe
This Instant Iced Cappuccino recipe is quick and easy thanks to instant coffee crystals.

Latte Flavored Ice Cubes Recipe
Tired of watered-down iced coffee drinks? Freeze milk and coffee into latte-flavored ice cubes and keep your iced lattes, iced espresso and other iced coffee drinks from getting watered down.

Lemon Cafe Iced Coffee Recipe
Coffee gets a citrusy lift with lemon sorbet, lemon zest and lemon juice in this iced coffee recipe.

Malt Chocolate Iced Coffee Recipe
This heat-free instant iced coffee recipe is made with instant coffee, malt powder, cocoa powder and chocolate ice cream.

Mayan Cherry Frappe Recipe (Video)
In this About.com video, Heather Perry demonstrates how to make her Mayan Cherry Frappe at The Ultimate Barista Challenge.

Mint Chocolate Coffee Martini Recipe
This Mint Chocolate Coffee Martini recipe tastes like it sounds (sweet with sneak-up alcohol) and is a breeze to make.

Mocha Granita Recipe
This basic Mocha Granita recipe can be spiced up with shipped cream, berries, shaved chocolate or spices.

Mole Coffee Martini Recipe
The Mole Coffee Martini is a basic coffee cocktail spruced up with a specialty garnish -- a spiced sugar, molé bitters and espresso rim.

Penny's Delight Frappe Recipe (Video)
This About.com video was taped at The Ultimate Barista Challenge. In its signature, Greg Suekoff explains how to make an apple-espresso frappe called Penny's Delight.

Rainforest Crunch Shake Recipe
This iced espresso recipe includes the tropical flavors of coconut, mango and Brazil nuts.

Raspberry Mocha Milkshake Recipe
This easy milkshake recipe is a must-try for anyone who loves raspberry lattes or mocha lattes.

Spiced Coffee Popsicles
Icy, spicy, sweet, caffeine-filled and creamy – this variation on a Vietnamese iced coffee is a fantastic coffee treat for sweltering afternoons in summer. Try this Vietnamese Coffee Popsicle recipe as a mid-afternoon energy boost, a barbecue dessert or a frozen alternative to your daily cuppa Joe.

Spiked Coffee Ice Cream Milkshake Recipe
This Spiked Coffee Ice Cream Milkshake is an epic frou-frou drink... and it's incredibly easy to make, thanks to Kahlua and Starbucks' Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream.

Thai Iced Coffee Recipe
Like Thai Iced Tea, Thai Iced Coffee is a creamy, rich, icy drink that's wonderful on hot days. Learn to make Thai Iced Coffee with this recipe.

White Mocha Coffee Granita Recipe
This simple White Mocha Coffee Granita recipe only calls for white chocolate, coffee and milk.

Both cold and hot, affogato is a delicious dessert made from ice cream and freshly pulled espresso.

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