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How to Make Kombucha


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How to Add the Kombucha Mother to the Tea
An image of how to add ingredients to tea in order to make kombucha.

If desired, you can replace the apple cider vinegar with a little less than a cup of already fermented kombucha.

Lindsey Goodwin
Now that you have your kombucha mother and your sweet tea, you're almost ready to begin fermenting.

First, make sure your tea is cool. If it isn't cool, wait until it is.

Then, stir in either two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or just under a cup of already-made kombucha to the brew.

Your tea is now ready for the kombucha mother. To add the mother to the tea, first wash your hands well with soap and hot water, and rinse them again with apple cider vinegar. Then, gently lift the kombucha out of its container and place it in the tea with the dark side facing downward. (If there isn't a darker side, don't worry -- just place the SCOBY in the tea.)

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