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Best 10 Iced Tea Recipes


In the list below, you'll find the best iced tea recipes on About.com. Each bullet point begins with one of the most popular iced tea recipes on About Coffee / Tea (often an easy iced tea drink made with teabags) and then goes on to list similar recipes that are amongst the best of the iced tea recipe collection. Get ready to brew -- from Thai Iced Tea to Ginger Iced Tea, there are plenty of delicious ways to sip your way through summer with these popular iced tea drinks.

Thai Iced Tea Recipe

Bag of Thai iced tea
DarkShadow/Moment Open/Getty Images

Creamy, spicy and cooling, Thai Iced Tea is a great choice for fans of Iced Chai Lattes. This recipe calls for whole spices rather than instant Thai tea mix.

Lime Mint Iced Tea Recipe

An image of Southern Iced Tea with mint.
Marko Goodwin

This easy iced tea recipe is a twist on Southern Sweet Iced Tea (pictured here).

If you like citrus in your iced tea, you might also enjoy this White Citrus Iced Tea Recipe, Art of Tea's Iced Citrus Black Tea Recipe and this Lemon Almond Iced Tea Recipe.

If you like mint in your iced tea, try these recipes for Iced Mint Green Tea, Cucumber Mint Iced Green Tea, Green Apple Mint Iced Tea and Miss Millie's Mint Iced Tea.

For a caffeine-free mint 'tea,' try this Mint Herbal Infusion (which can be served hot or iced).

Green Tea & Sake Recipe

Japanese Sake Tea Punch
Lindsey Goodwin

This refreshing, light tea-based, alcoholic punch recipe features Japanese sake, Japanese green tea, fresh mint, lime and cucumber. If you like this recipe, you might also like other alcoholic iced tea recipes like this Green Tea Martini Video Recipe, this recipes for Spiced Rum Iced Tea and this Iced Matcha Green Tea Recipe, which can be used to make a blended, iced matcha-rum cocktail.

If you like the mix of tea and liquor, I also recommend using tea-infused spirits as a base for tea cocktails.

If you like cucumber and mint in your iced green tea, be sure to try this Iced Cucumber-Mint Green Tea Recipe from Remedy Tea.

Peach Iced Tea Recipe

An image of Strawberry Sencha Fresca served in a Mason jar.
Marko Goodwin

Summer fruits are a healthy and delicious addition to many iced tea recipes. Summer peaches and lemon juice make Peach Iced Tea sweet, but not overly sweet. Other examples of iced tea recipes that use summer fruit for flavor include Watermelon Iced Tea (pictured here), Nelson's Gold Iced Tea, Raspberry-Honey Iced Tea and Strawberry Iced Green Tea.

Jasmine Arnold Palmer Lemonade / Iced Tea Recipe

An image of Urban Tea Loft's Lavender Iced Tea Lemonade.
Urban Tea Loft

Samovar Tea Lounge's Jasmine Lemonade Iced Tea Recipe replaces the black tea usually used in Arnold Palmers (iced teas with lemonade) with jasmine green tea. Other Arnold Palmer variations include American Tea Room's Sparkling Apricot-Lemonade Iced Tea and Urban Tea Loft's Lavender Basil Lemonade (pictured here).

Iced Jasmine Tea Sangria Recipe

An image of a Brandied Fruit Tea Sangria by Cynthia Gold.
Julian Landa

This Iced Jasmine Tea Sangria from tea chef Cynthia Gold is a fantastic example of how to combine wine and tea into one great drink. If you like this idea, you might also enjoy my Green Tea Sake Punch Recipe and Urbana Tea's Urbana Nirvana Champagne Tea Cocktail Recipe.

Sparkling Jasmine Iced Tea Recipe

An image of Stash Green Tea Apple Sparkler iced tea.
Stash Tea

Sparkling iced teas (like Sparkling Jasmine Iced Tea, Sparkling Apricot Iced Tea, Lemon Almond Sparkling Iced Tea and Green Apple Mint Sparkler, pictured here) are refreshing variations on still iced teas.

Blended Iced Matcha Latte Recipe

Add Rum to Taste for a Delicious Tea Cocktail
Lindsey Goodwin

This illustrated step-by-step matcha latte recipe explains how to make iced matcha lattes in batches and how to adapt them into iced tea cocktails.

If you like iced matcha green tea drinks, check out these recipes for Frozen Tropical Matcha Lattes, Matcha Ginger Iced Tea.

If you prefer iced chai lattes, try this Instant Iced Chai Latte Recipe.

Apple Honey Iced Tea Recipe

An image of an Apple Tea Granita made with Darjeeling black tea.
Marko Goodwin

I love to make this iced tea recipe during unseasonable warm fall days, when I can use fresh apple juice to prepare it. However, you can make it with bottled apple juice any time of year.

If you like this recipe, you might also like my frozen Apple Tea Granita Recipe (pictured here) and Stash Tea's Iced Green Apple Mint Tea Sparkler Recipe.

Ginger Iced Tea Recipe

Fresh ginger gives iced tea a fiery flavor in this iced tea recipe. If you like ginger tea, be sure to check out these other ginger tea recipes, as well as The Republic of Tea's Iced Tropical Matcha Latte Recipe and Matcha Source's Matcha Ginger Iced Tea Recipe.

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