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A New Breed of Coffee Maker

Are drip coffee makers going to be obsolete?


Senseo Coffee Maker

Senseo Coffee Maker

The more I used my Senseo coffee maker, the more intrigued I got about the mechanics of how it worked. This new process for brewing coffee just might push the old drip machines into the junk pile.

The Senseo was the first machine I'd seen to use this process, but since then I have seen that Mr. Coffee has also jumped on the bandwagon with their Home Cafe machine. I'm sure that more manufacturers will start producing more models soon enough.

Espresso machines use a high burst of pressure to drive water through the ground coffee, and typical drip machines don't really use any pressure at all. These new coffee makers fall in the middle with a low level of pressure to speed up the brewing process. Here's how they work:

The boiler of the machine rapidly heats the water and drives it through the coffee grounds. In order to maintain the preceise amount of pressure and water flow through the coffee, pre-packed coffee pods are used. This ensures that the coffee is packed to the proper level for optimum brewing. Besides, using pods is quick and mess-free. You brew one cup at a time, and the whole process takes less than two minutes from when you turn on the machine, to when you can drink your fresh coffee. I know my old drip machine never managed that. You just flip open the machine, place in a pod, close it and hit the brew button.

Besides the quick brewing, another side-effect of the pressurized system, is the creation of a thick foamy layer on the top of your coffee. Not quite the crema you get on espresso, but pretty darn close.

With a new baby in the house, my wife and keep unpredictable hours. We no longer have to settle for stale coffee sitting on the warming plate, nor do we have to sit and wait for a pot to brew. This new style of coffee maker is perfect for our lifestyle right now. I highly recommend this new breed of coffee maker to anyone. You will have to buy your coffee in pod form, though. The machines I have seen so far all use pods. They are getting to be more popular and can be found in many supermarkets these days.

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