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Tassimo by Bosch

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Tassimo by Bosch

Tassimo by Bosch

The Bottom Line

A hot beverage system that does a lot more than just brew coffee. You can make tea, coffee, hot chocolate, espresso and even foamy lattes with the Tassimo machine.
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  • Can brew all manner of hot drinks
  • Works quickly and with no mess
  • No programming


  • Limited control
  • Only takes T-Discs


  • Manufactured by Bosch
  • Sleek black and silver look
  • Can brew more than 6 different kinds of hot drinks

Guide Review - Tassimo by Bosch

I'm very impressed with the new model Tassimo made by Bosch. You can truly use this one machine to brew a number of varieties of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even espresso and lattes. No matter what I am in the mood for, I am able to use Tassimo. I love the versatility.

The machine uses a unique system of T-discs, rather than loose ingredients for making your drinks. Each disc an integrated filter and tiny brewing chamber. This means that each drink is entirely contained within the disposable disk. So you can make a cup of hot chocolate, and then pop in a disk for green tea and not taste chocolate. I've tried this myself, and it works great.

Neatest feature: the discs are imprinted with a bar code. The machine reads the bar code and operates according to what drink you are brewing. Temperature, pressure, and brew time are all variable depending on what you are making. No guesswork involved for you at all.

The automatic cycle did make a rather small cup, but you can intercede at the end of the cycle and continue the brewing until you have made an amount to your liking. But to do so, you have to be there immediately when the auto cycle finishes or you lose the chance to extend the brewing. I found this the biggest downside to the Tassimo. Trying to over-ride the pre-programmed cycles was very awkward. If you try to stop the brewing early, the machine brews nearly an ounce more coffee after you press the button. I overflowed my cup the first time.

Compared to the older model made by Braun, the new Tassimo has a much more compact design and the water tank fits on far better as well. The new Suprema version has a water filter cartridge in the tank for cleaner water.

I have tried all kinds of drinks with the Tassimo and have enjoyed every single one. You can read more detailed reviews of all the Tassimo discs in a separate review.

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