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Tassimo Discs

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The Bottom Line

Neatly packaged discs used to make coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more with the Tassimo beverage system.


  • Handy, clean and convenient
  • Many brands and varieties to choose from


  • Unique to the Tassimo drink system


  • Printed with preparation info bar codes
  • Completely self-contained
  • Available in many varieties

Guide Review - Tassimo Discs

Having tried the Tassimo Beverage System, I have reviews for all the discs and drinks that you can use with the machine.

There are a number of brands available in the coffee discs (such as Nabob, Seattle's Best, and Gevalia). The machine even adds water to the grounds before the main brew cycle, to pre-soak them and start the release of the oils. I found the coffee to be flavourful, strong and smooth. A very good cup.

There are many types of tea from Tazo and Twinnings, including black tea, green tea and Earl Grey. It was nice not to have to monitor the temperature of the brewing water.

Hot Chocolate
The Suchart hot chocolate discs made an excellent cup of hot chocolate. Not much more to say about that. I was particularly happy with the disc arrangement so I didn't have to clean the chocolate out of the dispenser.

I wasn't sure what to expect with the espresso, but was really impressed with the results. I tried the Gevalia espresso discs, and found it made great espresso. It was a very short pull, but I usually just added a few more seconds to the brew time. A nice little head of crema too. With the creamers (below) you can make a good cappuccino or latte.

There are 2 creamer varieties, cappuccino and latte. They are both shelf-stable and made with real milk. You run these discs in your cup after having already made coffee, espresso or even hot chocolate. The latte created a nice dose of heated milk, and the cappuccino disc was lighter and frothy. I did find the creamer discs tended to leak a little bit and would drip when removed from the machine.

The specific brands mentioned are those that I have tried, not necessarily the only ones available. You can visit the Tassimo website to see the full line of discs you can choose from.

You can read my full review on the Tassimo on another page.

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