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Top 6 Top Coffee / Espresso Combo Machines


These are great machines for the at-home barista, and they can help you eliminate some clutter in your kitchen. Just one machine to make your regular brewed coffee and also your espresso. How's that for convenience?

1. Delonghi Cafe Nero Combination Espresso Machine

Delonghi Combination Espresso / Coffee Maker
The coffee half can brew up to 8 cups, and the pump espresso half can pull 2 shots at once. Other features: permanent gold filter basket for your ground coffee, two separate water tanks, 24-hour timer controls, and it's pod compatible. It's a one-stop coffee shop.
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2. Krups Cafe Bistro

Krups Cafe Bistro
This handy and compact machine can brew you 10 cups of coffee or 2-4 shots of steam-brewed espresso. A great machine for a coffee-loving household. This model also comes with a frothing wand for cappuccino, 24-hour timer controls, and the stop'n'brew feature lets you pour your cup of coffee before the brewing is done.

3. Briel Sintra Espresso Coffee Maker

Briel Sintra Espresso Coffee Maker
This one machine should satisfy all your coffee cravings. You can brew 10 cups of coffee, or pull single shots with the pump espresso machine. The frothing wand can help whip up a quick cappuccino too. There's even a spot on top to keep your cups warm.
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4. Delonghi Caffe Nabucco

Delonghi Cafe Nabucco Espresso Machine
Another fine machine from Delonghi. This model is a little less expensive than the Nero (above). You can still brew good coffee and great espresso, but this simpler machine doesn't have all the fancy digital controls or dual water tanks.
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5. Krups Cafe Duomo Espresso Machine

Krups Caffe Duomo Espresso Machine
You get alot of machine for your money with this Krups Espresso Machine. It makes regular brewed coffee (8 cups) or espresso (4 cups) using steam pressure. The design is nice and compact, and includes a steam wand for a complete package.

6. Krups XP2070

Krups XP2070 Espresso and Coffee Maker
Krups has the largest line of combo machines around. This combination espresso machine and coffee maker, with digital controls. The steam wand allows for lattes and cappuccinos, and the compact design will suit any kitchen.
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