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Top 6 Coffee Gadgets for the Dorm Room


In your average dorm room, space is limited and so is your choice of allowed kitchen appliances. Some dorms allow small coffee makers, but some might limit you to a hot water kettle. Knowing your coffee equipment options can help you make the most of a limiting situation, without having to give up your coffee.

1. Plunger Pot (French Press)

French Press / Plunger Pot
As long as you can have a kettle in your room, you can have fresh brewed coffee or tea using a plunger pot. No filters to worry about. These are great for tea or coffee.

2. Bodum Mini Ibis Kettle

Bodum mini hot water kettle
Speaking of kettles, this kettle is a great model for small spaces. This little kettle can come in handy for all kinds of dorm room brewing.
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3. Black & Decker Brew 'N Go

Black and Decker Brew n Go Coffee Maker
A tiny little coffee maker that you can use in your room. You'll need an electrical outlet though. Your coffee is brewed straight into the included travel mug.

4. Latte Whip

coffee stocking stuffers and gift ideas
Stick one of these in a drawer, and you can whip up some foamy coffee drinks without a second thought. Sleek and battery powered.

5. Portable Coffee Grinder

Portable Coffee Grinder
You'll be the envy of the dorm. Freshly ground coffee at your fingertips. This little grinder is very light, and can grind enough coffee beans for 4-6 cups. Manual powered.

6. IngenuiTEA Teapot

Ingenuitea tea pot
One little teapot that can filter your loose tea without the hassle of strainers or the nasty taste of teabags. Small enough for easy storage.

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